10 Best Mobile Applications for Drivers 2019

We all know that technology plays a big role in the modern world these days and with the help of technology, car drivers can be at ease as there are now applications  for motorists that may need some extra help.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City, we are always looking for the latest technological trends and we found some mobile applications for your smartphone specifically for those who own motor vehicles. These mobile applications can be helpful on a day-to-day basis.

But please remember: keep your eyes on the road and not on your smartphone. 

1. Waze

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Waze is a navigation system that really help drivers, especially if they don’t have a sense of direction or are not familiar with the location. For those who don’t know, the application is owned by by Google. So just think of this application as Google Maps on steroids.

Waze provides turn-by-turn navigation and can help you navigate through traffic through instant updates on traffic, accidents, roadwork and more. Waze uses user data to help navigate through unwanted traffic. It provides alternative routes for drivers with estimated time of arrival to location.


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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

GasBuddy is the best application for finding the cheapest gas prices in your area. The application lets you check gas prices by city, state, and zip code. You can even filter the search results by price, location, brand, and amenities.

Save 5 cents/ gallon by using the free Pay with GasBuddy card. If you shop via Gas buddy (in stores like Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy and more), you can earn free gas. You can even get a chance to win $100 in free gas.

3. RepairPal

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Another free application is RepairPal. This application basically helps you in providing an estimate on any repairs you’ll be needing on your vehicle.

All you need to do is enter your make/model and the type of repair that you need, RepairPal will provide you an estimate of how it will cost for repairs in the area that you are in.

If you’re ever in the Culver City area, Manuel’s Body Shop provides free estimates on possible repairs. We have affordable prices on auto repair, collision repair, or even your usual maintenance.

4. Car Minder Plus

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Cost: $2.99

Compatibility: iOS

Car maintenance is a very important part of owning a vehicle. Car Minder Plus is like a personal assistant that assists you when it comes to your vehicular needs. It manages all your car maintenance needs, logging repairs, and more. If you have more than one car, you can keep track of multiple cars.

Other features include: Fuel Economy Tracking, Service Intervals for Mileage and Date, Miles/Kilometers and Gallon/Liter Options, Notification when services are due soon or overdue, Graph Fuel Economy Over Time, Configurable Service Warning Ranges

5. Parkopedia Parking

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

This application helps you find the best parking spot in the area and some areas even let you pay right on the application. The application includes vital information about availability, hours, and pricing,

You can find parking using your current location or by entering your exact address. There are also filtering options such as free, credit cards accepted, covered parking, etc.

It has an index of over 60 millions parking spaces in more than 8,000 cities around the world.

6.  Drivvo

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Drivvo is another car management app but it also helps car owners when it comes to financial management. If you want to track expenses associated with your car as well as keep track of car maintenance, this app is for you.

Some features include automatically calculating fuel economy so you can adjust your driving habits accordingly, vehicle maintenance records management and reminders, and more.

7. Turo

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

If you’re looking to rent cars, Turo is like an Airbnb for cars. This application provides an alternative to the big rental agencies as it is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want from local hosts in US, Canada, the UK, and Germany.

Using this application can be cost effective as it usually costs less than your traditional car rental agencies and there are even some cars that rentals agencies don’t provide that you can get on this app.

8. Cars.com

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

If you’re looking for a new car, cars.com is one of the bests sites to buy a car online. This application let you search for new and used cards at dealerships in your area.

There are also useful tools like a payment calculator and there is a price quote option that allows you to contact dealers right through the app.

9. Honk

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Cost: $0.99

Compatibility: iOS

Honk is a great application for those drivers who are always forgetting where they parked.

The Honk application can mark where you parked with a GPS pin, take photos, and make notes of where you parked your car. It can even track how much time you have left on the meter.

10. PlugShare

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Cost: FREE

Compatibility: iOS | Android

If you have an electric car, downloading Plugshare is completely necessary. It is basically a map of over 40,000 charing stations across the United States.

This essential app can save you some trouble, especially if your electric car is running low on battery power.

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