Electric Vehicle Repair in Culver City 

Do you have a new electric car? Many people are switching to an electric car from an old-style fuel car.

Electric cars are cost-effective than regular ones. Hence many people choose an electric car over fossil-based cars.

However, you must take care of it properly. Otherwise, you may raise the expenses instead of lowering them.

One major difference between an electric car engine and a regular car engine is the number of parts it has. A normal car has 10000 moving parts, while an electric car has only 150 moving parts.

In comparison, an electric car is much simpler.

But a lack of knowledge about electric car parts can put you into bigger problems than before. That is why we are here to discuss the common car maintenance problems of an electric car.

These are the common maintenance issues on electric vehicles:


A regular car has an engine, but an electric car has a battery in it. The battery is big, heavy, and expensive.

One best way is to charge your car battery up to 80 percent. It avoids the risk of overloading the battery, keeping your car battery safe in the process. But remember to charge it fully in every three months.

The battery life can be affected in hot and cold temperatures as well. So, make sure it is at a moderate temperature most of the time.

When you are parking the car in a hot climate, make sure it is standing under a shade. Similarly, during the cold, you need to keep your car warm.

For this, add heat pipes or other types of heaters in the garage. It will keep the temperature of the car normal, avoiding any damage to the battery.

Other factors that might harm the battery are charging it too often or keeping it dead for long. You should avoid both these circumstances to keep the electric car battery in good shape.

There is more to learn about battery life. A good source of battery care information is available in the manual. Read it carefully, before you start your life with your new electric car.

The battery is one of the most expensive parts of the electric vehicle you need to worry about. Replacing them can cost 10000 euros or more, which is twice the amount you can spend on a car engine.


In a fuel-based car, you have brake pads, discs, brake fluid, etc. which determine the brake service. But in an electric car factors like;

  •  How you drive the car
  •  How much you drive
  • Where you drive the car
  • The settings you have on the car affect the brake service.

The brakes in an electric car are regenerative. It means the internal engine friction is used to slow the car, and the kinetic energy is used to recharge the battery.

So, there isn’t much load on the braking pads. However, this is only true when the battery is 70 or 80 percent. If it is fully charged, the regenerative braking system does not work.

At this moment, the braking pads are under pressure. You should avoid running the car at high speed. You can avoid using brakes and exerting pressure on the pads.

One of the best ways to keep the brakes at its best is to avoid using it. Some of the best electric car riders can read the roads ahead and avoid using brakes.

Although everyone is not as talented as them. Using it frequently can lead to service problems and require repair and maintenance often.

Cooling service of the car

The electric vehicle also uses a coolant like a normal fuel-based car. This is important because the battery has a tendency to heat up and start a fire.

In order to avoid this disaster, coolant is necessary for an electric vehicle. The coolant service of the car depends on the flush system intervals, which vary between different electric vehicles.

So, you should check out the flush system interval of your car to take care of it properly. Lets us take Tesla model 3, for example, it has a flush system interval of 50000 miles.

If we compare that to a Chevy Bolt, the flush system interval is 150000 miles.

Hence learn about flush system intervals of the models you choose. Then replace the cooling system every two years to avoid accidents.


Most cars have brake fluids, windshield fluids for them to functions properly. The same is true for electric cars as well.

You should check them on a regular basis and make sure they are at their best. Otherwise, you may end up spending money on the coming repairs. Fill up the fluids at the right time and keep your vehicle running at its best.

The cost of maintaining these fluids varies depending on the car model, the service you are receiving, and the quantity of fluid.

You may replace the fluid once a year or every six months, depending on your car model. It should keep the car in good condition, avoiding costly electric cars repairs.


Generally, electric vehicles are much heavier than regular cars. Hence, they exert more force on the tires.

In order to get over this, these cars have high torque and so the tires are under more pressure. They can wear out faster than normal vehicles.

Electric vehicles are quieter than regular ones. So, you may only hear thumping sounds when your tires are under pressure.

To deal with this problem, you should rotate and align the tires from time to time. Do this every six months to a year, and your tire should be fine for the running.

If the tires of your car wear out, you have to replace them. Like the rest of the parts of the car we discussed, there are different types of tires as well. Here the cost of the tires depends on the car model again.

Final words

These are some common maintenance issues on electric vehicles. However, these are not all the problems you will face with an electric car. There is more, hence, before you get an electric car, it is best to collect enough information about the model and find out how much it can cost you.

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