PLastic Bumper Repair in Culver CIty 

 Every driver will probably experience a bumper issue at least once in their lifetime. After all, bumper damage is one of the most common types of repairs when it comes to vehicles.

Whether you were too distracted and backed up on a pole, got too close to the gutter, or even a minor or major collision, I’m sure you’ll find yourself with some sort of bumper damage.

Now these can be minor scratches of dents. Some instances, you would need to replace the whole bumper entirely. Nonetheless, the best option would be to bring it to a body shop that will provide you the best prices and technicians you can trust.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we offer plastic bumper repairs and in this blog, we’ll be discussing some common questions that you might have when it comes to bumper repair damage.

Lets go.

A bumper is considered the protective part your vehicle that is mounted on the front and back ends of the car. This can be composed of plastic, steel, aluminium, or even rubber. Now, the bumper actually serves as a shock absorber during low speed collisions and it aims to reduce the damage from impact.

When should I get my plastic bumper repaired?

  • A crack can indicate that you might need to bring your vehicle to your auto body for inspection
  • Minor and major dents should be checked
  • If you have an older vehicle, it is best to check if you have any problems with the bumper even though no damages are vehicle

How much will it cost to replace the bumper?

Depending on the damages, it can go for as high as $1000 or more depending on the severity of the damages.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we offer plastic bumper repairs for as low as $449.49. Usually this is the fixed price, but again it all depends on the estimate when your vehicle is inspected by an estimator.

Should I replace or repair my bumper?

Replacing the bumper is actually not the most cost effective option, plus it added more waste in the environment.

Although replacing the bumper will be easier and more expensive (for the customer), we will only replace bumpers if it is beyond repair. This can cost towards $1500 for part and labor depending on the year, make, and model.

What are the types of bumper repairs?

  • PDR (Paint Dent Repair)  – The process of removing dents without any damage to the paint.
  • Dent Repair – The process of removing the dent, smoothing and the area, and repainting.
  • Cracks Repair- Minor fracture can happen in the bumper the cracks need to be filled in, smoothed out, and repainted.
  • Scratch Repair – The process of buffing, smoothing, and sanding the area followed by repainting.
  • Holes and Puncture repairs – Holes need to be patched and filled followed smoothing and painting the area.

Will my insurance cover bumper repairs?

It depends on your insurance coverage and it will likely result in a premium increase if you are at fault for the collision. If at fault, you can consider paying out of pocket if you feel that your claim will cause your premium to increase and claim amount is not worth the trouble.

If you’re not at fault, premiums don’t increase and you can proceed with your insurance claim.

Final words

If you need a plastic bumper repair at the moment, be sure to contact Manuel’s Body Shop for bumper repair in culver city. 

We are currently offering fixed pricing for Plastic Bumper Repairs. Should you need financial assistance, Manuel’s Body Shop offers payment plans through our partner Affirm and Paypal. Learn more here

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