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These days, you will find new electronic technologies in the car. Such systems are nowadays a key to everything from security to communication and connectivity.

Here is a list of the best Automotive technologies in 2021 to look at when you are going to buy a new car. All these tech features will make your drive easier without causing distraction.


One of the latest technologies available in cars, the lane-centered assisting feature, helps stay safe and secure on the road. The in-built software is the car’s system that enables it to remain in the center while driving.

Lane assisting technology utilizes the steering with brakes to keep your vehicle within the driving lane and stops you from crossing it.


Few car makers like body shop culver city provide technology that can respond faster to dangers, make driving easy in traffic, and decrease fatigue. It will also park your car as this system brings standalone options with adaptive cruise control.

Driver assisting technology keeps your vehicle at a set speed but lowers down or acceleration for keeping you at a safe distance from other cars in front of you. It gives you a warning whenever your vehicle drifts into another lane. If you are out of driveaway or parking space, it will enable you to know about cross traffics.


No single driver will tell that they didn’t have a problem during parking of a car. It is where automatic parking now becomes the most innovative and beneficial technology. This auto parking feature automatically parks your automobile, having the occasional break exception when the driver is asked to do so.

Almost all car manufacturers are now integrating the automated parking technology in their vehicles to attract buyers.



Wireless smartphone charging and connectivity combination are available in many models at a more affordable price. If you want to charge your phone in a car, you can go for it with wireless charging.

This sort of system utilizes a charging pad where you need to keep your phone at rest. It is quick and easy to use and install, known as Qi.



The latest technology in this digital world is voice recognition in the automobile sector. Studies show that most car accidents are due to using mobile phones. This voice recognition tech feature eliminates the need to use mobile phones while driving.

With this voice recognition technology, you can call or receive calls, read or reply to messages, and use multimedia such as playing videos, music, etc., navigate directions, and the car start. Though the technology is still developing, the latest cars will improve this technology feature.



The attractive and exciting feature is a 360-degree camera. It ensures that you do not hit anything when you are parking. This tech feature prevents your car from scratches, dents, and so on, along with decreasing insurance claims from low-speed crashes.

The 360-degree Camera is the best help during the parking of a vehicle in a large area. Your car will show a virtual top-down view around the space by combining cameras on every side of the vehicle. You can find this system of Camera in a new range of cars. Its camera assistance adds more value to your vehicle.



You can now turn your rearview mirror into a high-definition screen that shows the extra-wide view of your road behind.

It prevents the usual blindspots and the issues of the driver not able to see correctly due to tall people sitting in the car back. The digital rearview mirror offers good visibility in low light than a conventional mirror. It has angles so that reflection does not affect your view adversely.


Today, the vehicle comes with many sensors that can identify anything. It detects everything from the obstacles on the road to the decreasing speed of cars coming in front. This automatic braking technology is a new tech version for new vehicles, and also it is a blessing.

Being alert seeing behind the car’s wheel is impossible with your two eyes, and here sensors are your new companions. This technology, being able to read the surrounding, can warn you when something will cross your ways or block the car’s path if you are one of those who drive at night or need to drive in traffic.

Your vehicle must have automatic emergency braking because it will automatically pull a brake with its sensing of obstacles before you see it.


More than lakhs of motor vehicles get stolen every year. The number increases every year, and this is where the stolen vehicle tracking technology comes into the picture.

This technology provides the assistance and security system where you can track your car from anywhere.



When you have your hands fully loaded and want to open the back gate of the car, the automatic lifting gate is the perfect technology of 2021. It spread the car back lift without any physical touch with the sensors that help that sense your foot.

All you need to open the lift gate is to wave your foot underneath it. This feature is excellent and valuable, and manufacturers now include it that opens the liftgate when you get close enough.



Reading this amazes the one. As all the things are turning automatic in this automobile era, keys can disappear similar to CDs. Today, many cars have keys fobs that help you get in your vehicle without keys.

These key fobs allow you to open your vehicle from a distance, saving your time. This key fob can unlock or lock and also start the car without keys.



Thus, these are some of the new car technologies in 2021, having cool and advantageous features. All these tech features make cars luxurious and classy. These Automatic technologies keep you far from dangers and stay safe and secure.




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