The Job of an Auto Body Repairer and Classic Auto Body Restorations 

Of course from the title itself, an auto body repairer is someone who has a career in the automotive industry. From repair, restoration, replacement, and refinish, these guys ensure that you are getting the best quality of work from their rendered services.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City, we have some of the best technicians that are experts when it comes to auto body repair.

Auto repairs assess damage and prepare the estimates before they plan the work. They remove damage parts whether it be hoods, fenders, bumpers, grills, etc. They apply new finish to restored parts. They realign car frame and chassis to repair structural damage. That weld replace parts into place. They can install windows and windshields. They even grind, sand, buff, and prime refurbished and repaired surfaces.

Basically, it is their job to have extensive knowledge when it comes to auto repair and collision repair.

7 Essential Tools That Are Needed For Auto Body Repair

Auto body repairers can repair damages and make it look brand new. They need be familiarized with different tools as repair technicians use different kinds of tools with it comes to auto body repair.

1. Disk Sander

The versatile power tool can be used for basic sanding and body filler shaping as well as a file substitute or heavy-duty grinder.

2. Sanding Blocks

Sanding blocks have many different uses for auto repair such as color sanding and buffing. They can also be used for cutting high spots in body work and shaping body filler. Often this tool can be a very affordable tool for an auto body repairer.

3. Slide Hammer

A slide hammer is one of the most handy tools that an auto repairer can possess. You need this tool if you need to repair dents or pull out panels.

4. Auto Body Hammer and Dolly

These tools are useful to fix the body work of a car. The hammer does the heavy lifting and physical shaping. The dolly set on the other hand holds the shape and directs the metal as its being shaped any the hammer.

5. Air Spray Paint Gun

This tool is very useful for painting the body of your vehicle.

6. Grinder

You will need a grinder if you are in the line of body kit fabrication and custom work. You can even use this method to remove rust or an entire mirror.

7. HVLP Spray Gun

Perhaps the HVLP spray gun is the most important tool that you would need have in auto body repair. The exterior paint of the car is the first thing that people will notice and first impressions are everything so the technician needs to do a perfect dob. These spray guns are used in most base court and clear coat finishes. Though this tool can be expensive, it is an essential for an auto body technician to possess this tool

Classic Auto Body Restoration

Classic Auto Body Restorations can be suitable for those car enthusiasts and it is the job of an auto repair technician to restore the vehicle to its former beauty.

From changing engines to bodywork, paintwork, trim and moldings, it can be quite a process for a classic car that requires restoration. This can be a long and extensive task, but our technicians in Manuel’s Body’s Shop are are well-equipped to take on the challenge.

There Are Four Levels of Classic Car Restoration.

The 100-points system is a universal system that is used when rating the condition of a classic car.

Driving Condition

This means that you would like the vehicle to be fully operation once restoration is completed. You may need to buy replacement parts and have some cosmetic adjustments if you want to drive on the road.

This usually involves some body work to and driver condition is the most basic level, but the goal is to get your vehicle in good running condition.

Street Show Condition

This means the vehicle has no major cosmetic issues and is in working condition with 80-90 points (20 points means the vehicle cannot be restored).

If you would like to get your classic car in street show condition, you need to start with parts relevant to your car so you can be as accurate as possible. You need to pay attention to the finer details because this car will be assessed by professional judges.

Show Car

Show Car is another level altogether. It would mean restoration to the finest detail with a rating of 90-95.

You need to understand the factory manual and the different specs of the vehicle. You goal is to make your car as flawless as possible.


This is the highest and most professional when it comes to classic car restoration. This would be suitable if you are entering in auto shows or are a private collector.

Concours would mean restoring the vehicle to its factory condition.

Quality Service with Customer Satisfaction

Manuel’s Body Shop is always moving forward. At the moment, we are no longer working on classic car restorations as we are focusing on cars in the modern age.  If you need other services. we are available for your auto body work needs.  At Manuel’s Body Shop, we provide Free Estimates so give us a call.

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