Collision Repair in Culver CIty 

Collision repair, in the eyes of your insurance company, may not seem like a big deal. But collision repair can be costly.

It is an area where you need to be especially careful. Here are some things you should know about collision repair before deciding on your collision coverage through your insurance company or choosing a collision repairer.

When considering collision coverage, there are many intricacies involved in pricing collision coverage and choosing a collision repairer.

The cost of collision damage varies significantly depending on the car’s make, model, and year, where the car is repaired (inside versus outside versus self-employed), and even what type of repairs are needed (e.g., cosmetic only versus frame damage).


The process of collision repair through your auto insurance

When you have been involved in an accident, it is essential to notify the police and have a report completed. Make sure that if there was another vehicle or person involved that you get their contact information. If possible, take photos of the scene using your cell phone camera.

This will help when filing your claim with your insurance company. It is also essential to fill out the proper forms at the scene and record any witness information, license plate numbers, or driver description for further reference later on.


Whether you were injured or not

The next step once you are home is to document everything about the accident, whether you were injured or not. Take lots of pictures of your car before anything happens to it, including taking several pictures inside and outside of your car. This will help your adjuster with the process of the claim and make sure everything is adequately documented.



You must gather as much information about who was at fault

One can use their cell phone to take photos or videos of how the accident occurred, whether they were hit from behind, ran a red light, etc., but check your state laws on where you may be able to do this legally.

Ask for all receipts for any medical treatment, medication, or lost wages so that you have proof of what happened to you when filling out your claim. If there are any witnesses to the accident, ask them for their personal information, including full name, address, telephone number, and driver’s license number.


Review all estimates

After getting your car to a shop, the next step is to review all estimates and make sure that there are no additional charges added to the invoice.

If you know any parts need to be replaced, include it on the forecast or mark it out on the quote with a different color pen so there won’t be any confusion when reviewing the information with your adjuster. Ensure that you receive an itemized list of everything that has been repaired, including where each part was replaced and what kind of material was used. This will help in the process of getting reimbursed for your claim and making sure you are satisfied with their work.

Many people do not understand how the collision repair industry works and pay far too much money than they should have ever needed to. You must know how the claims process works because if anything happens to your vehicle, it is up to you to do everything in your power to protect yourself and get what is necessary replaced or repaired.


Tips for collision repair through your auto insurance

When collision damage happens to your car, you don’t just want it fixed. You want your vehicle to look better than before the collision. And having collision insurance means that you should be able to get just that: a car repaired so well that you can’t even see where the damage was in the first place.

But not every collision shop is created equal, and different shops have different standards for doing their work—standards which may not be made explicit by the collision repairer and may not match what you expect when you hand over your claim check and get in your rental car while your vehicle gets taken away to be worked on.

To help keep things running smoothly through the collision repair in Culver city process.

  • Be reasonable in your estimates of what a collision repair shop will need to do to make the car look good again.
  • Follow up on your collision claim regularly and monitor the progress of the repairs.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or go back to the collision shop if something is not being done as you expect it would be, even after you’ve been told that everything’s been taken care of.
  • Once a collision repairer has agreed on a course of action, don’t keep adding items for them to take care of unless they were not initially included in the estimate.


Collision insurance pays up when cars get knocked around in crashes

So why shouldn’t collision repair work restore vehicles to their pre-crash condition? As long as collision shops are doing quality work, that’s precisely what should happen.

And by being aware of the collision repair process and how it works, you can help ensure that collision damage is repaired correctly on your car so you’ll be able to enjoy driving it again soon—and so the lack of collision damage won’t keep you from enjoying its features, comfort, or performance once it’s back in working order.


Collision repair is something that we want to avoid at all costs, but accidents happen. Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City  work with numerous auto insurance agencies through the direct repair program. This is an option that customers can have if they don’t have the time to shop around.

We offer free estimates for any repairs related to body work. Call, Text, or Fill out our form. 

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