Tips To Avoid Damage To Your Car Transmission

Let’s face it: when you buy a vehicle, you don’t really get into the details on its parts and functions unless you’re a car enthusiast. Most motorists just shift the gear, press the pedal, steer, and put in some fuel when empty.

Are you familiar with your car’s transmission and how it works?

Without this gearbox, you’d just sit in your car and go nowhere.

The transmission is the component that turns the engine’s power to make you mobile. These gears work together to keep the engine from turning so quickly so it doesn’t get damaged. It is the component that makes a connection between your engine and your wheels.

If not taken care properly, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Rebuilding your transmission is an estimated h $3000 depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If it is an entire replacement, it can cost up to $8000.

So before you go out and take a drive, make sure you familiarize yourself with your transmission and things you can do to avoid a trip to an auto repair shop.

What are the types of Transmissions?

Manual Transmission

You’ll notice that in a vehicle with manual transmission, you have an extra pedal on the very left side: the clutch.

The different-sized gears on a manual transmission multiply the engine’s torque. They often call this a ‘stick- shift’ vehicle.

A conventional manual transmission will have 5-speed manual transmission and more up scale vehicles will have a 6-speed manual transmission.



Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission is basically an auto gear shifter. You just need to shift to the gear (park, drive, reverse, etc.) and your vehicle does the rest. There is a torque converter that adjusts when it senses that you need to accelerate and it automatically does this for you. This process works in reverse when you need to slow down.

Poor driving habits and maintenance can lead you to an auto repair shop so here are some things that you should know that can help you avoid a trip to auto body shop.

Don’t Forget to Service Your Transmission

Transmissions need tuning periodically especially if your transmission is automatic. If your transmission isn’t inspected, dirt and contaminants can build up inside. You’ll notice to your transmission to be a bit slow and it will start to develop overtime without proper maintenance.

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Check Your Transmission Fluid

You need to check your transmission fluid from time to time to check whether it’s time for a transmission fluid change or a complete transmission flush.

Always check if you are running low on fluid transmission. Fluid is need to keep all the parts lubricated. Optimal fluid levels will help your transmission run more smoothly. If you are running low on transmission. it may cause your gears to grind to together, overheat, and eventually fail. There is also a chance that you have a leak if you are running low on transmission fluid.

Always check if you have the right transmission fluid for your vehicle. You transmission is not on size fits all. Sometimes there are certain mixes and additives that are right for your transmission. You need the right fluid so your transmission can perform optimally.



Don’t Shift Prematurely

Manual transmissions can be quite different from automatic transmissions.

For manual transmission, the clutch can disengage while you are shifting gears, but this is not the case for automatic transmission.

Don’t change gears when your car hasn’t made a complete stop. This can quickly destroy your transmission.

With automatic transmission, be sure you are not moving when you shift your car in drive or reverse. If you force to change your gears while moving, you can also damage the suspension and driveshaft.



Don’t Allow Your Transmission To Overheat

You need to keep an eye on your transmission’s fluid temperature levels. High fluid temperatures can cause your car to overheat and damage your transmission.

Most causes of an overheating engine is mostly due to the transmission fluid. Make sure your transmission fluid is not dirty, burnt, or running low. Heavy loading can also cause your transmission to overheat because it has to produce more power than usual. Another factor is if your are driving in hot climates.

Make sure you check your transmission temperature from time to time to prevent from overheating.



Don’t Ignore Transmission Problems

There are always warning signs before your car starts encountering real problems. Don’t ignore those warnings such as your car shaking or stalling.

Anything unusual that you sense or if you start feeling uncomfortable, you should get this checked right away.

Normal transmission do not display this kind of behavior and it should be a cause for concern to prevent further damage.




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