Top 10 Cars That Will Be Released In 2020

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we’re always looking out for the latest news in the automobile industry. As the year comes to an end, we’re taking a look at what awaits us in 2020.  With technology, we find ourselves evolving into a more futuristic society. New innovation and technology emerge everyday.

Every automaker competes to create the best models, some we’ve yet to see. We’re excited to find these new cars on road in 2020 and we’ve laid out our top picks for car releases in 2020. Electric models are making a splash in 2020, but other new gas-powered models are also bringing some heat.

We’ve decided to mix it up from luxury cars that may burn a hole your pocket to affordable brands that may surprise the automobile industry this coming year. Nonetheless, we can all agree  that these models are definitely eye candy and just seeing them will give car enthusiasts something to admire.

We can’t wait.

1. 2020 Porsche Taycan

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(c) Porsche

The Porsche Taycan has yet to grace our presence until now. It was in its concept phase back in 2015, but the German automaker will only be releasing this in 2020. This model was unveiled in production form at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

’Taycan’ roughly translates from Turkish meaning, ‘lively young horse.’ There are several models of the Porsche Taycan being release and the cheapest on you can buy starts at $103, 800.

And yes, it’s an electric model which is set to complete with the likes of Telsa. It’s a great-looking futuristic model from the exterior to the interior.

The Porsche Taycan is built with two electric motors, 616 horsepower output, 1/2-speed automatic transmission (front/rear), all-wheel drive, and a maximum speed of 162/mph.

2. 2020 Polestar 1 and 2

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(c) Polestar

Electric Cars are emerging more and more in the auto industry and another electric model to look out for is the Polestar 1 and 2, a car coined by the Volvo Brand. The Polestar 1 is Volvo’s Concept Coupe, while the Polestar 2 is a 5-door fastback.

The Polestar 1 made its first appearance at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and Polestar 2 made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The coupe can cost as much as $155,000 while the Polestar will start around $40,000.

The Polestar 1 is built with two electric motors and has an electric range of about 93 miles. Both have seamless integration with digital communication and all the support systems that you would expect with the vehicle.

3. 2020 Telsa Roadster

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(c) Tesla

Tesla is one of the pioneers of developing electric cars and they  are definitely not holding back. 2020 brings us the Tesla Roadster, which should be expected to be the most advanced Tesla model yet.

This is the second- generation model, but the supercar will provide an acceleration power that will leave its competition in the dust. A surprising twist is the SpaceX  options package which are 10 rocket thrusters around the car, resulting to better car performance overall. Maybe we’ll even see this car lift from the ground.

The prototype released is the most futuristic we’ve seen. The release date is quite vague, but we should expect the Tesla Roadster to be released in 2020.

Also, it is worth mentioning that it has 600 miles of electric range and a top-speed of 250 mph. Woah.

4. 2020 Land Rover Road Rover

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Yes, you’ve guess it. The Land Rover has also joined the electric car race with its 2020 Road Rover. Land Rover will be in new territory as they will unveil their electric SUV. It will act as sibling to the Jaguar XJ as it will have similar features such as 300 mile electric range and 4-wheel-drive.

The Land Rover brand is a depicting image of luxury and this electric model may cost about $100,000.

Limited information is known about the said Road Rover model, but we’re excited see how Range Rover produces their new line of electric cars.

5. 2020 Ashton Martin DBX

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This British automaker is debuting its first crossover model with the Ashton Martin DBX.  The concept was first seen in 2016 and its finally making its way to the production line in 2020.

This crossover will differ from its competitors because it will be a 3-door coupe crossover. We’re not sure on the reveal date, but car enthusiasts are excited to see what this model will look like. The full reveal is expected on November 20 in Beijing, China.

The starting price of the DBX is around $192,000 and will boast a gasoline-powered engine.

6. 2020 Toyota Supra

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The Toyota Supra is making its way back after a long hiatus and we can’t wait to see this legendary vehicle’s comeback.

The Supra is fusion of German innovation as it was co-developed by BMW. You’ll be able to spot some similarities with BMW such as its engine and interior.

The price for the Toyota Supra is around $55,000.

7. 2020 Genesis GV80

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The South Korean automaker will launch its all-new line of crossovers with the Genesis GV80.  The exterior is reminiscent of European car brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Genesis is yet to show the GV80’s interior, but you should expect an elegant interior with a full suite of features available such as driver-assistance.

The mid-size luxury crossover is expected to cost around $55,000.

8. 2020 Ford Baby Bronco

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Another model that is anticipated to be released in 2020 is the Ford Baby Bronco. We have yet to see it in production, but it is said to be a forthcoming crossover from the American automaker.

The exact model name is not been officially given by Ford.

9.  2020 Jeep Gladiator

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(c) Jeep

Jeep has finally emerged out of the shadows with its release of the Jeep Gladiator — its first pickup truck model in almost 30 years. This gasoline-powered pickup showcases the Jeep branding and is based on the legendary Wrangler.

Jeep is well-known for its off road vehicles and the Gladiator is no different. It also has removable top and doors as well as spacious seating.

The Gladiator starts at around $33,500, making it the most expensive compact pickup truck in comparison to its competitors.

10. 2020 Electra Meccania Solo

(c) Meccanica

Electra Meccanica is an electric car company from Canada manufactures microcars and its concept of 3-wheeled vehicle is an interesting edition to the releases in 2020.

Solo is a single passenger electric that has around 100 miles of electric range. It is also probably the most affordable amongst electric cars at $15,000.

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