10 Safest Cars in 2020 

The occurrence of accidents has dropped drastically because most vehicle manufacturers are working to achieve a safe and comfortable automotive.

Well, safety is the top consideration that most people prioritize when buying a car. This has led to competition in the market which can make it overwhelming when choosing the safest car.

Therefore, most cars have been equipped with safety belts, traction control, airbags crumple zones. Additionally, they are built with the latest technology and autonomous features such as rear cameras, Lane departure warning, and emergency braking.

Manuel’s Body Shop has chosen 10 Vehicles that made it on our list for the 10 safest cars in the automotive industry. They have the best safety features that have earned them the highest safety rating. Read on and find out.

Here it is.

1. Mercedes-Benz E Class

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The popularity of Mercedes-Benz is attributed to its technology, performance, style, and comfort. It has been rated among the safest vehicle according to NHTSA. Its safety measures have been applauded for decades.

That is why the E class is built on high-tech protective components that notifies you about potential safety hazards. It is also stable because of its weight and design which also contributes to its safety.

2. Subaru Impreza

File:Front of Subaru Impreza.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Subaru is one of the most notable car brands because of its spotty STI and WRX models. The Subaru Impreza provides ultimate safety features that have made it popular among car enthusiasts.

It is equipped with safety features such as rear camera, brakes system, blind spot detection, reverse breaking, and cross-traffic. All this collectively helps in minimizing collisions. Additionally, it has been rated as one of the most affordable and safest cars which has also facilitated its popularity.

3. Honda accord

File:2019 Honda Accord 1.5T Sport, 1.4.20.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Honda has also been in the limelight for the production of the safest cars that are used for basic transportation. It comes with a brake assist system and a rear-view camera that facilitates a panic stop without swerving off the road. It is also fitted with a wide-angle camera on the passenger side which contributes to its safety.

Departure and collision warning are some key features that contribute to the safety of this car. That is why it is available at a decent price which will help in meeting your needs as you enjoy safe travel.

4. Subaru Legacy

File:2020 Subaru Legacy Premium AWD, rear 2.14.20.jpg - Wikimedia ...

This is yet another Subaru model that is built under ultimate safety considerations. The safety standards extend to other Subaru models such as Outback and Forester.

Subaru Legacy is considered among the safest cars because it is equipped with automatic reverse braking, traffic alerts, blind-spot detection, and plenty of airbags. All these features contribute to a safe and reliable car.

5. Volvo S60

File:2019 Volvo S60 T5, front 1.26.20.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Volvo S60 is also considered as one of the safest cars that you will find in the market. Most of its models are smaller but they are equipped with safety features to ensure that the drivers and passengers are safe. This model is endowed with airbags, emergency brakes, and danger alerts to allow the driver to take optimal caution towards any potential safety hazard.

Some customers have also described it as an affordable car because of low fuel consumption. This makes it ideal for long family travels.

6. Volkswagen Passat

File:2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line (NMS II), rear 2.29.20.jpg ...

Volkswagen Passat has been rated among the safest cars by IIHS. It has extensive safety features which include adaptive headlights, rain-sensing windshield wipers, lane assist, pedestrian detection, blind-spot detection, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and rearview camera which collectively contributes to its safety capabilities.

You will also enjoy parking sensors and adaptive cruise control. Some other notable specifications of this model include a comfortable interior that makes it among the best choice for people who are interested in luxurious vehicles.

7. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

File:2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid front NYIAS 2019.jpg - Wikimedia ...

Toyota has a perfect safety score in most of its vehicles. Toyota Corolla hybrid is very elegant and a good choice for prospective buyers who are looking for a safe and long vehicle. The overall safety ratings have been approved by NHTSA after conducting crash tests that were approved and awarded by IIHS.

Some of the features that have been displayed by this Toyota Corolla hybrid include adaptive cruise control road edge detection, Traffic alerts, Automatic high beams, cyclic and pedestrian detection, brake assist, forward collision warning, and lots of airbags.

8. Hyundai Veloster

File:2019 Hyundai Veloster 1.6T, front 11.9.19.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Hyundai Veloster is fun to drive because of its versatility and safety consideration That makes it one of the best cost-effective and safe vehicles that you can buy.

It is endowed with safety specifications such as head-up display, adaptive cruise control, blind spots detection, traffic alerts, and pedestrian detection, lane keep assists, automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, and a rearview camera and lots of airbags. It has been assessed and rated by NHTSA as one of the safest vehicles.

9. Kia optima

File:2019 Kia Optima Sportswagon 3 CRDi ISG S-A facelift 1.6.jpg ...

Kia Optima is an appealing, spacious, and comfortable car that has lots of features that enhance its safety rating. Some of its safety features included adaptive headlights blind spot detection, emergency braking, forward collision warning, lanes assist, and 360-degree parking camera.

These collectively help the driver To make decisions that enhance safety because of prior notifications when it detects any potential safety hazard. It is also a luxurious and affordable vehicle that you can buy in 2020.


10. Toyota Camry

File:2020 Toyota Camry 2.5 (Front view).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This is yet another Toyota brand that has excellent safety features and a good fuel economy which makes it a reliable and comfortable car. The safety specifications have has been tested and approved by authorized agencies such as NHTSA.

Some of these safety features include automatic brakes, headlights, pedestrian detection, emergency braking, forward collision warning, lanes assist, and blind-spot monitoring. These safety features will make you enjoy safe travel.


The vehicles that I have listed in this article are the top 10 safest vehicles that you can buy. Several tests were conducted to determine its safety capabilities that is why you can count on them to meet your safety needs.

Finally, it is always important to incorporate safety as one of the factors that you look in a car alongside affordability, luxury, and convenience. However, buying a safe car also requires you to be cautious while on the road. Observe all the traffic rules.

Additionally, you should ensure they are maintained frequently to enhance their efficiency.

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