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If you are a car owner in the State of California, it’s a mandatory requirement to get insurance if you want to drive your motor vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if your car is new, used, or even a classic car on display during car shows, purchasing car insurance provides you with a safety net that you may need in the future incase you get into an accident.

Choosing the right car insurance can be as easy and complicated as you would like it to be. It all depends on your preference. Some people choose insurance based on their affordable price point while others choose the branding of the insurance company.

If you have not purchased car insurance yet and are looking to weigh in your options, we have provided some of the top insurance companies in the State of California for the year 2021.

From coverage, pricing, and reputation, a driver should always choose a company they can trust from the get-go.

Based on the recent 2020 J.D. Power Auto Insurance study, we have gathered all the necessary information to provide you with the insight on what consumers think is the best insurance company.

When a customer fills out a satisfaction survey, these factors are considered:

  • Key drivers for customer satisfaction
  • Most satisfying experiences for customers
  • Key trend that auto insurers need to act on
  • Impact of the digital world and changing demographics of insurers
  • What insurers are doing to provide the best experience for their customers

In the state of California it was determined that the top 5 insurance companies were as follows:

1. Wawanesa

2. Auto Club of South California

3. State Farm

4. Ameriprise

5. Geico


Wawanesa received the highest scores for customer satisfaction overall. Wawanesa is one of the insurance companies that is technologically innovation through various digital platforms such as  their mobile app and website.

They are considered the most transparent and comes with the most coverage compared to other insurance companies. Coverage includes options like rental reimbursement, manufacturer replacement part coverage and motorist protections.

Average annual cost of full coverage per year is about $1599.

Auto Club of South California

This insurance company is an affiliate of AAA. They came second overall when it comes to customer satisfaction. They are also known for their various discounts.

State Farm

In the top 5 insurance companies, State Farm insurance has the highest rates when it comes to insurance premiums. They also offer discounts.

Average annual cost of full coverage per year is about $1943.


Ameriprise is an insurance policy that you can get at Costco. It is best rated for pricing.

If you avail Costco’s executive membership, you can get free road assistance and lifetime renewability.


Geico is a nationwide provider that offers competitive rates.

Geico garners customer satisfaction due to its great discounts and pricing. You can manage everything on the mobile app like policy changes and claims.

Average annual cost of full coverage per year is about $1615.

Car Insurance discounts available in California

  • Multi-policy Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Good Driver Discount
  • Good Student Discount
  • Affinity Discount


The annual cost of car insurance in California ranges from $733 to $2065 depending on which coverage you choose. The requirement is to at least carry a limited liability insurance coverage.

Key Findings On Why The Insurance Companies Were on Top

  • The insurance companies who invested on their digital platforms garnered higher customer satisfaction
  • Trust is important factor that providers still need to continue to  work on such as putting the customers’ interest first.
  • Insurance policies are likely to be renewed with customer loyalty. If a claim was approved prior and customers already had history with the insurance provider, customers are likely to stay.

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