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Auto insurance companies protect the insured against financial loss in case of an accident or theft. In return for financial protection, the insured is expected to pay a certain amount of money called a premium. Auto insurance companies aim to ensure that the insured gets back in the same position he was in before the incident. Auto insurance contains two major parts, liability insurance for bodily injury and liability insurance for property damage. Both items are insured by the insurance.

As a motorist, accidents are unavoidable since roads are used by many people who are experiencing different types of days. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself and your vehicle or motorcycle from any damage that you might come across unknowingly.

To help you out, here are the top car insurance companies in California based on the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Analysis. 



Wawanesa Insurance: California Auto, Home & Renters Coverage

Wawanesa insurance company offers automobile insurance services, including bodily injury, property damage, and comprehensive and collision damage. This company also offers auto repair services in case of damage to property if there is a collision with another vehicle. Their rates for premium payments vary depending on some few factors, eg

– Age, someone younger pays more premium than an older person because a younger person is said to have less driving experience than an older person.

– Make and model cars with high safety features will cost less to insure than cars with low safety features.

Their payment methods include visa cards, master cards, and Discovery. You can pay your premium in full or in one installment or two installments.


2.  Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA)

Automobile Club of Southern California Announces new feature, Roadside  Assistance ChatBot - IMA Network

This insurance service offers a wide range of coverage, including car insurance, which helps financially protect you and your family. They contribute to cover medical bills, funeral costs, car damage, car repair, and replacement through their many auto repair shops across California.

If you are touring California, they have car rental insurance that caters all coverage during car use. They also have discount opportunities that their customers can enjoy if they pick their services. Their prices range as low as 59.99$ a year.


3. CONNECT by American Family

CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance, is new name, brand of the  former Ameriprise Auto & Home | Business Wire

This is an auto insurance company that caters for damage coverage, medical bill coverage, as well as comprehensive coverage. This insurance company allows customers to pay premiums based on the risk level a particular person is more likely to face. They also have various discounts for their customers.


4.  Mercury

Mercury Insurance Reviews | ValuePenguin

This insurance company has a 24/7 claim service. They offer very low rates to their customers and serve all people, not just in California but in the United States. They offer auto repair and replacement services for their customers.

They offer coverage for car damage, uninsured, bodily injury, medical bills, and comprehensive coverage. They offer several discounts for their customers, and their premiums are considerably lower than for other companies.



Allstate logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

All state insurance company offers auto insurance for car and motorbike owners.

They have covers for teenage drivers, collision coverage for accidents damage, comprehensive coverage that consists of other damages like theft, and fallen trees, liability coverage that covers damage that is related to death, bodily injury, property damage for others caused by you, medical payment coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage if the other driver who is at fault doesn’t have an insurance, rental reimbursement that covers the cost of renting a car if its in the repair shop after collision..



GEICO Insurance Is Giving A 15% Credit To Their Customers – First State  Update

Geico has various discounts covering newer cars, such as anti-lock brakes and airbags. If you combine car insurance and property insurance, they have discounts in which you can save more money for yourself.

They pay for damages caused to your vehicle in case of an accident or damage you might have inflicted on another vehicle. They also have coverage that caters for injuries inflicted on you during an accident. Their premium rates are also considerably low.


7. Liberty Mutual

Fire Hazard: Unpreparedness. Liberty Mutual Insurance Fire Safety Study  Finds Most Families Ill-prepared in the Event of a Home Fire

This insurance company offers free online auto insurance quotes where you will get to learn everything about your car’s insurance and how you can get cheap insurance coverage for your vehicle or motorbike. They have various discounts for their customers mainly based on the number of coverage you want and how you use your car in general. They have various auto insurance coverage that includes liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical bills coverage etc. they also offer auto repair and replacement of cars of the exact same brand as the original car.



Simple Insights from State Farm - State Farm®

State farm insurance company has been in operation for 100 years. This insurance offers automobile insurance covers for collisions, accidents, personal injury, etc. they have many discount opportunities for their customers and saving plans that customers can take advantage of.

The discounts can range up to 30% for adults and 15% for young adults. Their auto repair and replacement services ensure you get high-quality services whenever needed.


9. CSAA Insurance Group

CSAA Insurance Group Deploys Three Times a Day with Cloud Foundry | Altoros

This insurance company has advanced technology where your policy can be managed online. You can get to see which covers you are covered and how much premium you are required to pay. They have fair prices for their customers, and they offer various coverage to their customers that, include car coverage, comprehensive coverage, as well as many other coverages.

10.  Farmers

Farmers Insurance Finishes in the Top 5 of the Training Magazine Top 125  Awards, will Join Hall of Fame

This insurance company has been in existence for 95 years so far, they have over 48000 agents and many customers who have been working with them. This tells you that this insurance company is safe for you. This insurance company offers a variety of covers for car and motorbike owners that include covers in case of an accident or a collision by the insured or by another person’s fault. They have life coverage in case the insured incurs bodily damage after an accident. 



Auto insurance companies have always worked to protect your finances in case of any accident that might happen. Many insurance companies in California offer a wide range of services, and most have auto repair services in Culver City.

Most of them have fair prices with many discount opportunities that you can enjoy. Pick the best auto insurance and protect yourself today.

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