Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are certain situations that are unexpected and we wouldn’t want to happen to even our enemies. Bottom line is,  motor vehicle accidents can happen and we need to be knowledgable about them.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, a premier auto body shop in Culver City, we’ve gathered the common types of motor vehicle accidents so you can be aware of the kind of damage you are dealing with.

Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of collision. About 29-40% of all motor vehicle accidents that occur are due to rear-end collisions.

In lay mans terms, a rear-end basically occurs when the vehicle collides with the one in front of it.

Some causes of rear-end collisions:

Tailgating: The driver is closely following the motor vehicle in front of it. Following vehicles closely does not give you enough space if you stop suddenly and this can cause accidents.

Weather Conditions: Sometimes extreme weather like heavy rains or snow can prevent the driver from clearly seeing the road and what is in front of it.

Drunk-Driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol can affect the cognitive ability of the driver.

Fatigue: You should never drive if you fell tired. Falling asleep while driving can be fatal and driving when you are tired impairs judgement and the ability to make decisions.

These causes do not only pertain to rear-end collisions, but also other motor vehicle accidents.

Low-Speed Collision

Low-Speed Collisions are accidents that occur when the impact is under 10mpg. For example, a vehicle is backing out of a parking lot and accidentally crashes onto oncoming traffic.

These types of collisions don’t result into much damage or injuries, but it can still cause damage and injury.

Single Vehicle Collisions

A single vehicle collision is an accident wherein only one vehicle is involved. This happens when a vehicle hits a stationary object like a tree, fire hydrant, or even an animal. With any accident, this may cause substantial damage and injury to the driver

Multi-Vehicle Collisions

A multi-vehicle accident occurs when there are  two of more cars that impact in a one car accident sequence. This usually happens on traffic roads and can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine who cause the accident and multiple drivers can be at fault.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is a crash coming in from the front of your vehicle when two cars coming from the opposite from each other collide.

Head-on accidents are considered one of the most dangerous crashes and can result in serious injury and damage. Like any other collision, not driving safely is the main cause of these types of accidents. Whether it’s driving under the influence, texting while driving, or driving when fatigue, this type of accident is one you would want to avoid at all costs.

Intersection Collisions

Collisions at intersections usually occur when a driver is trying to make a yellow light and another driver is trying to make a turn at an intersection. This is also known as a ’T-bone Collision.”

Vehicle Rollovers

A vehicle rollover is when the vehicle flips over or goes on its side due to the accident.

This is most common in cars with high center of gravity such as trucks and SUVs.

A rollover can happen when a vehicle goes over an object such as a curb or uneven pavement, driving at high-speeds and then making a sharp turn, falling down an embankment, or from a collisions with another vehicle (side-impact).

Side-Impact Collision

A side-impact is also known aa a broadside impact. This can happen at intersections, parking lots, and at the highway.

Sideswipe Colllsion

A sideswipe collision is when two vehicles driving in the same driving in the same direction collide.  The right side of one vehicle impacts the left side of another vehicle.

This type of accident usually happens when a driver is changing lanes when it was not safe to do so.

Some causes can be due to blind spots, drifting onto another lane, intoxicated drivers, reckless driving, failure to properly signal, weather, or multiple drivers changing lanes at the same time.

Things to Consider:

Your Responsibility As a Driver

It is your legal obligation and duty of care to be safe on the road.

  • Do not drive under the influence
  • Do not drive while texting
  • Do not drive when you are tired or drowsy

Don’t Be Negligent

Negligence is another way to cause and accident.

  • Do not engage in road rage or over speeding
  • Follow all traffic laws like driving within the speed limit
  • Be aware of surroundings and be alert on the road

Car Maintenance

Before you get the on the road, make sure there is nothing wrong with the vehicle you are driving. A blinking ‘check engine’ light or screeching brake pads is not a good sign. Be sure to get your car checked on a regular basis or bring your vehicle to an auto body shop for a full analysis.

Manuel’s Body Shop Can Help

No matter what type of damage you have with your vehicle, our collision center in Culver City will do its best to repair your vehicle at an affordable cost.

Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City offers free estimates so if you ever get yourself in a collision, we are here to help.

Drive Safely.

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