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We all like to keep our cars spick spack clean. The problem is many times, in evidently, we end up ruining the paint on our cars. Rather than repenting your actions later and searching for auto body paint near me, it is better to know how you can ruin the paint on your vehicle and take the necessary steps to avoid the same.

Today, we will share with you ten different ways in which you can ruin the paint on your vehicle to avoid them.

1. Exposure to construction debris and dust

Is there some construction work going on in your neighborhood?

If so, the dirt, debris, and contaminants that fly and hit your car can certainly ruin your car’s paint job. While you might be careful not to park your car directly underneath the under-construction building, you also have to ensure that there is no exposure to the contaminants in the air.

The best way to avoid this is to park your car further away from the construction work. If that is not possible, cover it up. Otherwise, the paint job will undoubtedly be ruined.


2. Bird droppings and pest droppings

Most vehicle owners are of the opinion that bird droppings and pest droppings can be easily cleaned away from your car. However, if you do not clean them appropriately or the apparatus you use to clean them is makeshift, it can damage your car’s paint.

The droppings themselves are acidic, and therefore frequent exposure to such droppings means that the paint job of your car will be affected.


3. Accidental spilling of automotive fluids

Time and again, you might have used some automotive fluids to ensure that your vehicle is operating to its highest efficiency. It can be the battery acid, brake fluid, or something else. Even if accidentally a few drops of the same spill on your car’s paint, the paint layer at the spot of exposure will certainly be ruined.

The damage would be such that you will have no other alternative but to search for auto body paint near me to find a suitable store to get the paint job done.


4. Damage due to road hazards

If you drive around a lot, road hazards are almost inevitable. Sure enough, it is not every day that a flying object touches your car, but it will happen sooner than later. The problem is that it will ruin the paint on your car.

While you can take great care to ensure that you do not over-speed or rashly drive, road hazards are one of the most common reasons for ruined vehicle paint jobs.


5. Driving too close to the coastline

You might think, how can driving too close to the coastline damage the paint?

The answer is exposure to saltwater. Many people do not care much when they head to the coastline. They often park their vehicle right on the beach.

The problem is that if your vehicle is exposed to saltwater, it will ruin the paint. You might just see a few stains now, but repeated exposure to saltwater can undoubtedly damage your vehicle’s paint.


6. Cleaning with a dirty cloth

Do you use a microfiber cloth for cleaning your vehicle?

Probably not!

Many vehicle owners do not realize that not using microfiber or a soft cloth can damage the paint of your car in the long run. In a nutshell, by not following the proper cleaning procedure, you are damaging your vehicle’s paint.


7. Spilling any cream on your car

Many vehicle owners might think that a cream cannot come anywhere near their vehicle.

However, that’s not true!

In the case of men, the cream might be shaving cream. It can be a moisturizer or any other cream when it comes to ladies.

The point is that if it comes in contact with your vehicle’s paint, it will tarnish the upper layer. While the cream might not impact the entire layer of paint, it can undoubtedly deteriorate the look of your car by tarnishing the upper layer.

Due to the same, you will have no other option but to get a professional paint job done on your vehicle.


8. Exposure to tree sap

Usually, tree sap is not something that you will associate with the ruined paint layer of your vehicle. However, if tree sap comes in contact with your vehicle’s paint, it will leave a pretty stubborn stain. The stain is noticeable as well.

Even if you try to remove the sap, the stain will stay behind. Merely washing your car will not help in that case. If the exposure is over a large area, a fresh coat of paint is inevitable.


9. Ice deposit over your car

Truth be told, snow does not impact your car’s paint that much. However, if hard ice forms over your car, the shiny coat of paint is undoubtedly ruined.

During winters, you have to be especially careful to cover your car and park it indoors if possible. That way, even if there is a winter storm, there will be no hard ice deposit over your car’s layer, and therefore the paint will be in perfect shape.

On the other hand, if hard ice has already been deposited on your car, you have no other alternative but to get some professional help to remove that hard ice and get a fresh coat of paint.


10. Spilling gasoline

If you’re not careful enough, you might spill a few drops of gasoline or even more on your car when filling it up. Sure enough, the gasoline will evaporate over time. However, the stain will not go away from the paint.

Suppose you have a layer of wax on top that will be ruined first. However, if the quantity of gasoline spilled is on the higher side, it will impact your car’s paint as well.

In that case, you have no other choice than to repaint your car.



The point is, these are pretty common occurrences, and therefore you should be aware of them. You should try pretty hard to prevent them if you do not want to ruin your car’s paint.

If it has already occurred, you have no other option but to search for “auto body paint near me on Google to find stores that can repaint your car.

While you are at it, we would certainly advise you to go with Cromax Paint as it is a paint that can provide extensive protection to your car and can resist minor exposure to creams, saltwater, and so on.

The next time around, you’re getting paint for your car; go with this paint.

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