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If you’ve ever been in an accident, you’re probably familiar with collision repairs. Most auto body repairers can work on the most damaged vehicle collision repairs and make it look like a brand-new one.

Here’s  a breakdown of the process of a collision repair when you take it to a body shop:

Repair Options

This involves the repair and or replacement of broken and damaged vehicle body parts.As much as possible, reputable body shops offer replacements at a very reasonable cost. Replacing auto parts is dependant on the damages caused to your vehicle.

The best match for your car is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are  sourced from the original maker of your vehicle. This is quite expensive but worth the price as it’s the best fit.

Another option is that of new parts but not from the manufacturer of your car. This is less costly than OEM parts.

Finally, another alternative is affordable parts that are recycled from vehicles that are no longer in use. They’re of good quality and you can save a lot.

At Manuel’s Body Shop, our estimators are well qualified to assess your vehicle by doing a thorough inspection to determine if we can repair and return it to its previous condition of function, look, and safety before the accident. They are well-equipped with the best tools for their expertise. They will provide you with the most accurate estimate and even offer financing options.

Replacing Parts

Two factors are taken into consideration before replacing body parts of your vehicle instead of repairing it, compromising with the structural integrity of your vehicle and labor cost exceeding the spare part price. This is where we offer three types of replacement parts as stated above.

Re-painting the vehicle

You don’t need to paint your whole car if only painting on the spot is needed. Body shops can offer car painting at a reasonable cost. An exact color match can be done depending on the condition and age of your vehicle’s finishing.

Expert technicians prepare and clean the damage areas where re-painting is needed. The second stage is masking which protects the parts of the vehicle that is not damaged. The next part is quality color matching and durability by painting your vehicle to bring it to its original color. Painters ensure the new color blends with the old one to come up with a seamless beautiful end product.


Car should look like its pre-accident condition. The best body shops achieve close to perfection when the paint job is complete. Finishing work consists of sanding, buffing, and polishing off any little imperfections.

Here are some steps to bring about the best finishing:

Firstly, start with wet sanding which we spread evenly over the spotted area and then smooth out.

Secondly, we use a liquid compound to buff the area that has been spotted.

The third stage is polishing the spotted area to make your car look new again.

The finishing process is the final stage that ensures your spot painting is complete and ready to enjoy driving your car again with confidence.

Why Choose Manuel’s Body Shop

Manuel’s Body Shop is a very competitive body shop in Culver City, CA. We always assure you the best services in collision and repairs. We are well and established and growing body shop, and we have technicians with the following qualities:

Critical thinkers

Our technicians think critically and can look at your damaged vehicle and quickly assess the vehicle and advise on what it takes to repair and the cost as well. Our technicians will not waste your time thinking and are quick to offer the best solution there is to give.

Excellent Customer Service

Our body shop have excellent customer service qualities and can handle you with calmness and friendliness especially after an incident that’s causing your vehicle to be repaired. Our body shop offers the best experts who can attend to needy customers especially after going through an accident.


Our technicians are detail-oriented. According to the details you give them, they can differentiate if your car is on insurance or have to pay it yourself. You can get your vehicle back on the road looking new after minor or major collision repairs.

Professionally trained

We have professionally skilled experts. They can use a wide range of tools and equipment in assessing and repairing the vehicles back to their original appearance.

Our body shop in Culver City involves insurance repairs and elective Repairs. As for Class A, our technicians help you to fill up an insurance claim for your repair work with all the details you bring to us and coordinate the repair work with the insurance company.

Before we start to repair your vehicle, we give you a detailed plan for repairing it. As for the elective repairs, where you pay for your car repair cost, our professional will make an initial plan and advise on options to save on your cash. We’ll also ensure that no sacrifices are compromised regardless of the cost when it comes to the structure and safety of your vehicle.

Free Estimates and Financing Available

Manuel’s Body Shop offers free estimates for any repair and auto body paint. If you need help financing your car repairs, we have partnered with affirm to help ease your car repair payments.


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