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 Over time, your car’s body paint can deteriorate and when this happens, it is very important to take action. Many car owners may go years without thinking about repainting their cars. Some have their engine serviced after every few months and have their car washed but even washing your car a few times won’t do that good especially if your car paint becomes old or fades.

Taking care of your car’s paint will not only improve the appearance of your car but also make it last longer.

 In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 signs that it’s time to take your car to an auto body paint shop for a repaint.


One of the key reasons why most car owners take to call for auto body painting shop is because of fading paint. Pollutants, extremely low temperatures, and bright sunlight usually have a negative effect on car paint. If you fail to maintain the paint, it will accelerate the process of fading.

 Even if you take some needed precautions, it will reach a point where fading will be avoidable. For instance, if you have not washed your auto enough, grime and dirt tend to leave some film which can destruct your car paint. If you fail to wax your car sufficiently or at all, then you will need to repaint your car sooner. Therefore, if your car is lacking the shine that you love, then it’s time to have it repainted.



 If you find that the car service is getting peeled off, then know that it’s time to get it repainted. The clear paint coat is the car’s first line of defense. If it is lost, then your vehicle is vulnerable to weather elements and all kinds of pollution, meaning that your auto paint will not last for a long time.

 Discolored areas and bubbles are the first indications that the coating is about to peel off. Once the clear coat is gone, then the base coat will lift from the car body thus exposing your vehicle to damage. In such cases, you require to visit an auto body paint shop to get your car back in its previous state.



Whether your car was scratched while packing, scratched up by a grocery cart, or sideswiped on the highway, the paint job has to be treated. You need to look for a professional dealership’s services to look at the scratches and get a recommendation on what to do next.

It will depend on how harsh is the scratch and the best solution to remove the scratch. Some scratches require a panel replacement while others can be buffed out. Professional auto body painting services will assist you to determine what you need. That is the reason why it is vital to drive carefully, whether you are navigating around the parking lot or pulling into your garage. You should always check on what is behind you.


Fine Cracks

If you leave your car in the sun for a long time and your car is not properly waxed, then its surface’s paint will start to crack and dry out. If you notice some noticeable pry marks or cracks as well as any broken tabs or clips. Then you need to sand down the car paint until those cracks become invisible. Then look for a car painting service to apply a new clear coat and cover the exposed surfaces.


This is another common occurrence for most cars, you can get a car dent if you accidentally back up into a pole or gate or you get a small accident with a bike, another car, or another situation that leads your car to have a dent. If that dent exposes your car metal, this can lead it vulnerable to further damage. Therefore, if your car has a dent, you need to immediately get it fixed.



 There are a number of reasons that can lead to rusting of the car body. They can vary from unfavorable weather conditions to accidents to lousy driving. It is essential to take action once you find some rust on your auto exterior. Rust starts by noticing deform in large spots or patches and paint bubbling up.

When you remove the paint, you will find some rusty patches that are ruining the metal surface of the car. If you find this, you need to contact a professional automobile service to fix the rust issue.


Paint Dullness

The dullness of the paint is not the same as car paint fading. Your car does not need to fade in order for it to get dull. When the clear coat begins to rub off, then your vehicle will look less shiny even after you polish it. In this case, you can opt to get a fresh coat that will make your car shine again. You will require to get professional car paint services to work on your car.



This is one of the most obvious signals that you need to contact a professional. If your car is involved in an accident, the paint may get some chipping, flaking, or scratches.

These scratches may make your vehicle vulnerable to more serious problems such as rust and bubbling. A good car body paint shop will leave your vehicle looking brand new.


Your Car Is Red or Black

 Unfortunately, black and red vehicles fade quickly when compared to other colors. These two colors usually absorb more UV light when compared to other colors. If you find that when you polish your car but it does not get bright anymore, then it is time to take a visit to a car paint shop.


You’re Car Bores You

 If you want your car to look new again, visit a good paint shop and get your car painted with a new color that will attract you.



 The longer you leave your vehicle without getting proper service done, the more it becomes vulnerable to damage. If your car has not been repainted and you encounter the warning signs listed above, then you need to immediately visit an auto body paint shop to make sure that the problem is tackled to prevent further damage from occurring.


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