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Are you looking forward to re-paint your car? If yes, then which are you going for, the traditional solvent or the waterborne base?

For a long time, automotive paints have a volatile liquid base. That is why we get that interesting smell spreads throughout the room after opening a can.

However, when we take the whiff, it means the chemical is accessing our body. We usually don’t think about what the chemical might do to our body.

Volatile organic compounds can cause health issues such as nausea, loss of coordination, headaches, eye, throat, and nose irritations. It can also cause critical problems like damaging the central nervous system, kidney, or liver.

Due to this, there are restrictions in using volatile solvent automotive paints. They are trying to stop the usage of solvent-based paint as much as possible.

It can cause harm to the surroundings as well as the people who inhale it. Now, most auto body paint shops are encouraged to use waterborne paints instead of solvent ones.

Are you heartbroken with the news? Don’t worry.

Luckily we have an alternative waterborne automotive paint. It has many benefits which will make you switch to this painting happily.


What is the composition of automotive paints?

If we look carefully, the solvent-based paint contains 84 percent volatile organic compounds, and the rest is solids. The waterborne paint has 70 percent water, 20 percent solid, and the rest is solvent.

When we compare the composition of the two types of paint, waterborne paint is friendly to the environment and safe to use. Let us look at the advantages of using this paint over the volatile organic compound.


Benefits of waterborne paint

It is environment friendly

The volatile liquids released into the atmosphere contributes to global warming. Additionally, they pollute the air by releasing toxic gases.

After a painting is complete, and the smell from the volatile liquid is gone, the gas remains in the air for long periods. As a result, gases can harm the atmosphere for a prolonged time.

However, the volatile liquid content in the waterborne paint is much lower. Hence, it is the preferred painting method for automotive painting.

It releases very little harmful gas to the environment.

Therefore, we are inflicting less damage to the surrounding by applying waterborne paint instead of solvent-based paint.


Solvent paint can be harmful to us

As you know, the volatile liquid has a low boiling point. It is so low that it can vaporize at room temperature.

So, when a painting is in progress, the air is rich in volatile liquids. It evaporates fast and mixes in the air.

During this time, the people who inhale this vapor and work together are at high risk of developing health issues. Since solvent-based paint is high in volatile liquid, it is more dangerous.

The vapor remains in the air long after the painting is complete. Anyone who inhales this vapor can develop the health conditions mentioned before.

In the case of waterborne painting is used, it contains a little volatile organic compound. So, it has fewer chances of polluting the air. Little vapor is released in the air, which can cause harm to people.


Applying the color is simple with waterborne paint

First of all, you need to know something about automotive painting. You may want to spend money to get a shiny look on your car. But A good color coat depends on many factors.

Spray painting is technology. Here the tiny color plates have to sit right on the car surface for a smooth finishing.

To get this right, the evaporation of the fluids has to match with the landing of colors. The evaporation rate of the water is suitable for the plates to land on the car surface. Each flake sits at the correct distance to make your vehicle appealing to people.

It brings out the right color shades on the car. Hence, painters can control the appearance better by applying color coats.

In this process, the reducer and distance of the spray gun are vital for a good coating. Being a water base controlling both the factor becomes easy.


The mixture is better than solvent-based automotive paint

Mixing is also another essential step for decent painting. Usually, color mixing is a mechanical process.

If anything wrong with this step, then it is hard to get an accurate color coating. On top of that, it is likely to use up excess colors to finish the painting.

However, if the mixture is right, the desired color shade is achieved with minimum paint. Working with the wrong mix is also hard. It takes more time and hard to get a good finishing.

Waterborne paint combines with ease. Hence you can avoid all the hardship mentioned above by selecting the water-based coating.


Get the improved product

Now that most companies are trying to switch to waterborne paint instead of the volatile compound. There are many experiments on new products.

So, if you are getting waterborne automotive paint, you will get the updated paint technology. It is easier to apply, and a small quality is sufficient to achieve a nice look on your car.

Additionally, you have to apply clearcoats to smoothen the surface of the car. With waterborne paints, you need fewer clearcoats than usual solvent-based paint.

As the base of the two types of paint is different, the two-color finishing does not look identical. They look similar, but waterborne paint has a slightly different hue.

Due to this change, the waterborne paint looks brighter and clean to the viewers. You will probably enjoy the new appearance of your car.



Final words

As you can see, if you are switching to waterborne painting, it is good for everyone. In a way, you get to protect nature.

On top of that, you get a better-looking car. There is less money spent on paints and coatings.

You don’t have to inhale the toxic chemical from the solvent-based automotive paint. Overall, you get more than you can ask for by switch the paint type.

If you are looking to paint your auto, be sure to visit Manuel’s Body Shop. We have partnered with Cromax Paint to give you the best paint job you can possibly imagine using our water-based paint.

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