Toyota Repairs in Culver City: Common repairs


Japan was a late bloomer in the car manufacturing industry as compared to its competition in the Europe or US. Of late Japan has caught up to the race with a better reputation and history in this market.

Toyota is one of the premier names in the car manufacturing industry today, this company has been producing cars since 1930. They now not only make cars for their market (domestic market) but they are one of the largest exporters in the world. If you go by the statistics they fall under the top 10 companies in the world in terms of revenue.

Having said all that, they have had their share of problems, Toyota cars have had a history of problems in them that no one talks about, in this article we will talk about the 5 common repairs on Toyota models.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we came up with a list of problems that as a Toyota owner you would want to avoid. These issues can be a very costly affair at the same time it is inconvenient for people who have one car at their homes.



This is a very serious problem, often found in Toyota vehicles that have high mileage on their milometers, but it is not the case with every such car.

You will in all probability have to shell out thousands of dollars on a busted engine, depending on the type of engine your vehicle has, for example, the cost will vary for a car, truck, or SUV.

Where you get your vehicle serviced also determines the amount of money you shell out.

A Toyota engine that is busted or blown is major component damage internally to the vehicle and it will require a full overhauling, or it may require a replacement of the engine (that is the worst one can think of). You need to understand that if your vehicle’s mileage is high and you have got a blown engine, repairing it may not be the best option because there may be other problems associated with it.

High mileage vehicles sooner or later will have problems with the transmission, radiator, or for that matter the steering.

You need an honest qualified mechanic in such situations. You need to look into the facts and decide if you want to get the repairs done or if it was time to bid your vehicle goodbye.



A Toyota car with a damaged transmission as good as a car sitting in a scrapyard. It is simple logic, the car will not move. Having said that, it has been observed that people often ignore or forget to replace the transmission fluid as per the timelines mentioned in the manual or as directed by the service center.

Like any other oil change in the vehicle, the transmission fluid must be kept free of any particles or debris and should be clean at all times thereby allowing it to lubricate the necessary parts to keep the engine running smoothly.

Like the engine, a Toyota transmission change can cost you a lot of money, that is excluding the parts that you need to replace, like clutch plates.

But if you keep replacing the fluid almost every two years, you can be assured that things will work smoothly for years.



A leaking head gasket in your Toyota car is another important repair, and that is why we have put it at number 3 on our list of top 5 Toyota car common repairs.

The interesting thing to note here is the part itself is not that expensive, but the work is labor-intensive and therefore the overall cost can be high.

The head gasket seals the cylinders in the engine, this prevents the oil and coolant from leaking, it also helps in retaining the compression inside the engine.

Though you may not notice a leak immediately, the most common problem associated is engine overheating or mixing of coolant and oil, ultimately seizing the engine.

Make sure you take multiple quotes from service centers and make your decision. If you are in the Culver City area, be sure to drop by Manuel’s Body Shop for a maintainence check.




Air conditioner issues are not just about high costs if found faulty, it is also an inconvenience, we all need the air conditioner to work at all times when we drive, be it the summers, winters, or rains managing the internal temperature of the vehicle is of utmost importance to us.

Usually, in Toyota vehicles, it is the problem with the rod or valve which generally breaks. There are times when the engine belt can be faulty and can cause a problem. You need to get it checked as soon as you feel there is a problem preventing further damages.

You might want to get a quote on the estimate first. Some Toyota cars today come with a faulty AC indicator. If you ever see that light go on, stop using the AC, and visit your nearest car mechanic or a service center.




If your Toyota car has done 100,000 miles or more, there are chances you will run into problems while starting your car, it just won’t crank. The issue is with the starter, most of the time it is the starter solenoid that needs to be replaced.

But there are times when the entire starter needs replacement, this can cost you anything between $300 to $500 for repairs.

So choose wisely.




Remember our vehicles need the essentials to be well maintained, similar to our body if we do not eat when hungry or do not intake healthy food and drinks, our body show symptoms of deterioration or illness, a vehicle to if not taken care of can show these 5 problems.

Make sure you change the oil as per Toyota’s specifications, use the recommended oil that is for your car. Get transmission fluid check on a timely basis, if you are in the business of moving or hauling loads, your car will need that care.

Finally, be attentive, listen to any unusual sounds for your car. It simply means its crying for help. Be safe and drive safe, happy driving!


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