Your Mercedes-Benz Body Shop in Culver City

 So, you have a Mercedes-Benz and you love to drive your vehicle.

However, you want some upgrades to make driving even more exciting and fun. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are well-equipped. These vehicles come with many advanced features to ensure a safe and stylish journey.

You can make it more comfortable and safe by adding some upgrades. Some upgrades can be done easily by an auto repair shop like Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City.

But before considering any auto repair, you should be aware of the upgrades that you want in your vehicle.

If you search online, you will find many upgrades to boost the performance of your vehicle. Each upgrade will serve a specific purpose. When some can be effective to boost your driving experience with advanced safety, others can entertain you the most while driving. It is worth mentioning that most of the upgrades are cost-effective.

You just need to choose an experienced Mercedes-Benz repair shop to make the most out of your investment.

Do you want to know which Mercedes-Benz upgrades can be more effective? If yes, you can have a look at the following.



Have you ever thought of remote car starters?

If not yet, you can think of now. It can be the best upgrade for all those who find it hard to start the vehicle in cold winter and humid climate. A remote car starter will enable you to start your vehicle with a single push of a button. Once you push the button, the vehicle will automatically start. In addition to the automatic start, the climate control feature will make the interior more comfortable in unfavorable weather conditions.

The interfaces that ensure easy and direct communication with the computer available in your vehicle will offer the remote start functionality. These are reliable and available for most of your vehicles ranging from an A-class to a G-wagon.

These upgrades are easy and can be done by an experienced body shop. The car starter can be upgraded by using a smartphone control solution.

Once upgraded, your smartphone can help you to start your vehicle whenever you want even in an unfavorable climate. Also, you will get the required comfort inside your vehicle once you enter.



If you drive with your family especially with young kids, you would certainly like some reliable entertainment systems to keep the young ones busy while driving on a busy road.

You can consider installing an entertainment solution for rear-seat. There will be many options for upgrades. You will have to choose the right upgrade depending on the model and year of manufacturing of your Mercedes-Benz.

You can choose a tablet-based system, replacement headrests, or flip-down monitor.

All these upgrades can enable your kids to watch their favorite movies while going on a long trip. Also, you can enjoy movies or your favorite shows from the USB memory.

Your kids can watch movies and enjoy the road life at a time.


Your Mercedes might be well equipped. It might come with the Burmester Audio. However, if you want a better experience, you can talk to your local auto repair specialist. They can dramatically improve performance by installing a subwoofer.

It is an easy and inexpensive upgrade. But, you are going to appreciate the outcome.

Your vehicle manufacturer needs to follow some restrictions. They will have to work on some weight limit and impressive features. You might not get some advanced features to enjoy your music most.

Here you can think of installing a subwoofer.

You are not going to install a booming system. Instead, you will have to consider installing the best quality subwoofer. This will add warmth to the music. The music instruments will sound real. The guitar riffs, drums, and the stand-up bass will show more authority and power. You will find the system more entertaining and real. Also, this addition is not going to take more space in your cargo area.

The experts will make the installation easy. They can install the subwoofer behind or under the factory panels.

Therefore, others cannot even realize that the magical and real sound is coming from an upgraded system.



You might be aware of that you can choose customized colors for your vehicle. Also, Mercedes-Benz is popular for the best quality paints. These paints will last long. But if you want to protect the paint from stone chips, bird droppings, road tar stain, and parking lot scuffs, you can consider adding the protection film.

The paint protection film can be effective to protect the paint from all the above-mentioned impacts. These are designed to prevent paint damage and absorb the impacts from any object. If you want to change the paint of your vehicle, you can also choose a reliable Mercedes-Benz repair service.

You can choose any customized color, and then you can add the paint protection film.

Manuel’s body shop speacializes in custom paint work and car paint restoration so if you ever think about changing or restoring the color of your vehicle, we’re the right guys for you.



Some Mercedes do not come with backup cameras. Some of them do not have parking sensors as well. If your vehicle does not have these safety features, you can talk to your local auto repair service to install one. These experienced professionals will install a camera. It will display the image on the factory infotainment system screen. These upgrades are not easy and can be done by experienced professionals only.

They will help you with a factory-installed solution to make parking and maneuvering easy and safe.

They can install parking sensor systems that will alert you about the presence of any object while maneuvering your vehicle. The repair service will paint the sensor system to complement your vehicle paint so that no one can realize that you have installed some extra safety features to boost your driving experience.

An experience technician will know which upgrades can make a difference. With a few upgrades or additions, they will make your vehicle safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

If you are confused about the upgrades, you should talk to them to know which upgrades can be more effective. They can suggest you depending on the model and manufacturing year of your vehicle.

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