Auto Body Paint Shops often have different options including matte and chrome paint.


Are you thinking about painting your car? It feels good to paint the car and change its looks every once in a while.

Painting a car not only makes you feel better, but it also increases the longevity of your car exterior. You see, most cars are made of steel that can wear off with time.

A paint layer acts as a protective cover of your car exterior. So, car steel is less vulnerable to weathering and damage. It makes the metal long-lasting.

If you are willing to paint your car, you can choose two options, matte paint or chrome paint.

Today at MBS Blog, we are going to discuss and compare these two types of auto body painting. 

Chrome paint

It is a bit different from the normal painting. Chrome painting has a mirror-like look with shades of color reflecting from the surface.

You may also use chrome plating on your car. But that is more costly.

Painting your car with chrome is much cheaper and simpler.

However, chrome paint is a difficult process and its price range can vary $2500 and up.

There is lots of equipment and considerations for chrome paint. It needs to be done at the right temperature and in a neat environment.

If any of these conditions are not right, it can ruin your chrome painting. Apart from that, the painters need proper protective clothing, and musks to protect themselves from the fumes of chrome paint.

You can add as many layers of chrome paint to the car. It depends on your choice of finished appearance. The color that reflects from your car surface depends on the chrome paint layers.

There are two types of chrome paint. One comes in a spray can while others come with canisters. With a spray can, you can apply the color directly in your car.

On the other hand, if you are using canister chrome paint, you will need spray guns, airbrushes, and other materials to apply it to the car.

Matte paint

If you are not up for a chrome reflective appearance, you can paint your car with a matte finish. In recent years, it is getting more and more popular.

A matte finish can be achieved with a normal painting layer. It depends on the clear coating layer if your car will be glossy or matte.

During painting, a layer is applied to the car first. Then the clear coating is applied.

The clear coating is waxed, buffed, and polished to make it reflective and shiny. We call this the glossy paint finish.

On the other hand, dimples are made on the clear coating to achieve a matte finish. These dimples prevent the light from reflecting from the car surface, giving it a matte look.


Matte paint vs chrome paint

As you can see, both matte finish and chrome finish look amazing in a car. But there are differences between the two.

One may be easy to maintain while the other can save a lot of coming expenses. You can easily select between matte and chrome paint if you compare their differences.

Let are look at the difference between the two and find out which one is the best application for your car.

Longevity of steel

It involves layers of paint that makes the car surface corrosion resistance, increases hardness. But if you are using a matte finish, once the clear coat is damaged, it cannot be fixed.

Application of paints

Chrome paint is much difficult than matte paint. It consists of equipment for application and protection. The fumes from the paint are harmful, so proper safety measure is needed for chrome paint.

The matte paint process is simpler, like any normal painting. Only the finishing is done differently to achieve a completely different appearance.

Car washing

Matte painting does not need much washing. As the surface is not reflective, you don’t have to wash it to a shiny surface all the time. However, chrome surfaces are shiny, to maintain the looks you need to wash it often to keep its surface reflection.

Depending on what type of chrome paint you are choosing for, it can be as cheap as $10. But, if you want to paint your car in a matte color, the average price is around $2500.

Color choices

You can select matte paint of any color. The most popular option is black. But it is the clear coating that gives off the matte surface.

Chrome painting is different than matte. It gives the surface are metallic mirror-like appearance on reflection.

You cannot select a color for your car for chrome paint. There are very few options for selecting a chrome paint color. Common choices are gold, aluminum, silver, etc.

Washing the car

Cleaning chrome paint is extremely easy. Get a scrubber sponge, soap, and warm water for cleaning. You need to clean it often to maintain a shiny appearance.

If you paint your car with a matte finish, you need to get your hand on special car care products. These must not contain waxes, silicon, or other filling substance. Usually, they are used to achieving a shiny surface on the car.

Repairing from surface damage

When the chrome paint if slightly damaged, you can fix it at home without going for a repaint. Since chrome paint layers are available on spray paint cans.

You can wash off the damaged part with sandpaper and apply a chrome primer with a spray can again. This can be done at home, and there is no need to visit an auto body paint shop for this.

But if a matte surface is damaged, there is nothing you can do. Since the matte surface depends on the clear coating applied in the end.

A clear coating cannot be applied without a paint layer below it. Hence the car needs to go through a repaint before achieving a matte finished look again.

Final words

Chrome paint and matte paint are amazing to look at. They are quite popular among people. However, both have benefits and drawbacks you need to consider.

Chrome paint can save you a lot of money, but matte paint can save you from the trouble of cleaning it frequently.  

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