The summer season is really associated with fun things to do. With longer days to spend outside maybe on the beach, to camp and also doing many outdoor activities with your family. However, the summer season comes with excessive heat, these high temperatures can really damage the vital areas of your car. In this hot season, it is necessary to visit your auto body shop for your auto repairs and maintenance. This makes sure your car is ready for the hot months ahead and helps keep your car running optimally.


Here are some tips for car maintenance during the summer season:


 1. Inspection of your car engine

It is important that your engine is inspected in an auto body shop. It is important to have your PCV Value, fuel and air conditioning checked. When they are dirty, they can really affect the engine’s performance due to the residue they drag back to the engine. It is also important to check whether the check engine light is on. If it is on, you need to go for engine inspection and auto repairs.



2. Check the Air Conditioning of Your Car

It is important to inspect your car’s air conditioning. With the hot temperatures outside, a well-working air conditioner will make driving more conducive. The air conditioner may also tend to blow warmer air, this means it needs to be checked.

This can be done in an auto body shop whereby they will remove the air filter cover, remove the air filter, and clean the housing using an air hose. The air filter and cover can then be replaced with new ones. It is also advised that you use solar-powered air fan systems that can be mounted in your car. They will really work well in the hot temperatures.



3. Changing Engine Coolants Regularly

This will keep the engine cool during the hot summer temperatures. Coolants prevent the car from overheating. During oil changes, you are advised to fill the coolant to the right level. One can also fill the overflow reservoir with a 50/50 portion of water and coolant. It is important to visit an auto body shop for inspection and repairs on the hoses and drive belts as they are susceptible to cracking. The cooling components are made of rubber material, that is why they can really be affected by heat.



4. Make sure to fill up all other fluids

Apart from the engine coolant, it is important that all other fluids such as the brake fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid are kept at the right levels. Use the right fluid types specified by the vehicle manufacturer.



5. Make sure your car battery is ready for the heat

The high temperatures associated with the summer season can have a devastating effect on your car battery such as internal breakdown and failure. Vibration can also affect the performance of the battery. It is advised that you have it fixed and fastened well to reduce vibrations.

The battery fluids can also evaporate quickly in the heat leading to the corrosion of terminals and connections. Any corrosive build-up needs to be cleaned immediately to prevent damage to the battery. Batteries also need to be tested in order to know how long they will last. This can be done by a professional in an auto repairs facility.



6. Check the condition of your tires

Tires that are under-inflated can be hazardous in the hot summer heat. The heat causes the pressure in the tires to rise and it can cause overheating and even blow out the tires, giving you flat tires. Be sure to fill up the tire pressures properly by following the specified pressure indicated by the car manufacturer.

It is also recommended that you visit an auto body shop for wheel alignment which can be done after a run of 8000Km. Your spare tire should also be checked as it is there to assist in case of emergencies. All tires threads also need to be inspected as they tend to wear more in high road temperatures.



7. Wax your Car

Waxing your car adds an extra layer of protection against sun damage. The wax also prevents scratches and contact with dust and pollen. It also protects the paint job of your car from peeling off in the hot summer heat.



8. Using a window visor

This is useful to curb the hot interior temperatures of your car. It is placed inside the car on the windscreen to help cool the car interior. You can also have one at the rear window for a much cooler car interior.



9. Have your breaks checked

This is an important auto maintenance measure. Brakes tend to fade and brake pads tend to wear out in the hot summer heat. You are advised to have your brakes checked immediately if you hear an unusual noise when applying the brakes. If you also notice that your car takes longer to brake it is due to a faulty brake system. You should go in for auto repairs to fix your brake system in an auto body shop.



10. Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition

You are advised to replace the water for windscreen wipers under the car hood regularly. Windscreen wipers also need to be replaced if you notice they are in bad condition. This helps you be prepared in case of the unexpected heavy rains that are associated with the summer season.



11. Check your car lights regularly

You need to check your car lights regularly and replace them if they are damaged. The car lights can be damaged due to the UV rays from the sun during the summer season. You can notice damage whereby the headlamp fogs up or turns yellow.



12. Be prepared for emergencies at all times

To be prepared for any food in the hot summer season, you need a first aid kit, flashlights, flares, water, jumper cables, and some food.

All the above are tips to help maintain your car’s condition during the summer season. The high temperatures can cause a lot of damage to your car so it is better to prevent this and preserve your car’s life.



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