CHUBB Car Insurance: What You Should Know About Our Insurance Partner

Cars have become a popular means of transport in modern society. This is because they are affordable and convenient. However, the main challenge is that it has led to an increase in accident and security issues.

That is why you need a comprehensive insurance cover that will protect against accidents, collisions, and theft.

Therefore with Chubb car insurance, you are guaranteed with an elaborate insurance cover that ensures that your vehicle is given the best protection while on the road.

Chubb car insurance does not only guarantee protection against potential risks such as loss or damages but it also protects you against legal liability to third parties.

This gives you peace of mind especially if you have financial problems when the accident occurred.

Types of coverage

Chubb insurance provides the following types of coverage as follows:


This is insurance coverage for damages or loss both entirely or partially due to collision that occurs as a result of plunging or flipping over.

Additionally, you are also eligible for this coverage if the loss occurs as a result of criminal acts committed by other people. Chubb does a cross-check to determine if the loss occurred without the knowledge of the car owner.

In some cases, damages can occur as a result of fire breakouts. This is usually when the car is in a parking area or technical hitches that lead to fire damage. For the case of theft, we can either cover it partially or entirely depending on the logistics and the situation presented before us.

Total loss only (TLO)

This is insurance coverage that is meant for the loss of the insured vehicle which has not been found within 60 days from the day the incident. Additionally the total loss only coverage can also cover fire or accident losses. Chubb insurance will pay for the repair cost that is 75% more than the vehicle market price.

We also provide coverage extensions which include damages and losses as a result of earthquakes, floods, personal accidents, Third-party liabilities, sabotage, terrorism, and riots.


Why you should choose Chubb insurance

Having car insurance might be a requirement in your state.

However, Chubb insurance offers more than that. It is the best investment that you can make for yourself and your family because we offer comprehensive protection and the best insurance policies to your satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose them to be your number one car insurance partner.

You are at risk of getting involved in an accident

We acknowledge that accidents can occur in every roadway at any time. Therefore since you cannot predict when it occurs it can be a big deal for you because it might drain you financially.

The insurance institute for highway safety did research and found out that approximately 34000 crashes occur annually in the United States of America which leads to fatalities and damages of vehicles.

Considering this, then you are risk at risk of getting involved in an accident. Without a comprehensive car insurance cover, you will find it difficult to recover from the loss.

That is why in Chubb car insurance ensures that thier clients are safe while on the road. They will provide insurance cover for damages and repairs as a result of collisions and accidents.

They will also ensure that the spare parts that are being used in fixing the damages are original and functional to ensure your car operates optimally.

Chubb will give you an option to choose the auto repair shop of your choice

Chubb is a flexible insurance company that prioritizes the needs of the clients. Therefore we provide you the freedom for you to choose an auto body shop or a mechanic of your choice. We will also pay for all the repair costs.

Alternatively, they can refer to you to an auto body shop in culver city like MBS, or any certified shop that offers the best services at an affordable cost.

 Chubb will prevent the devaluation of your car

Our policies are one of the best because it helps prolong the value and life of your car when the damages occur.

Accidents or collisions are unpredictable that is why we came up with comprehensive auto insurance coverage to ensure you can recover from these risks. This will help you to save money. At the same time, you will retain the value of the car in a marketable position if you will choose to sell it after the repairs have been made.

Chubb will safeguard you against lawsuits

Sometimes we understand that our clients can make mistakes leading to significant damages to other people’s property.

Therefore with an auto insurance cover,  Chubb will help you with the claims that people have made against you. So that we can have a substantiated and legal defence to make it easy for you.

Original equipment manufacturer parts and procedures

The most unique thing about Chubb car insurance is that we will pay for the cost of the original parts. They will also ensure that the original equipment is used to enhance the safety and overall performance of your car.

That is why we have claim adjusters who act as your safety advocate because they will oversee that all repairs are done on the quality and safety procedures that comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

You will have peace of mind

Knowing that you have Chubb insurance policies that protect your vehicle gives you peace of mind.

Most car owners’ nightmare is having an uninsured car which will predispose them to financial difficulties when accidents occur.

Customer care support

Chubb car insureance has also been rated as the best car insurance company with reliable customer care support.

You can always get in touch with Chubb anywhere, anytime and they will send out a team of experts to evaluate the accident scene.


Chubb car insurance is the ultimate option if you want the best insurance cover.  We prioritize customer satisfaction and quality service delivery.

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