Difference Between Auto Reconditioning and Auto Detailing

If you’re not familiar with car terms such as auto reconditioning and auto maintenance, it may get confusing from time to time, especially when you need to go to an auto repair shop for things that you need to get that fix for your car. 

When you choose your auto body repair shop, they should clearly explain the differences between the services that you will need and how much it is expected to cost. 

Auto Detailing Vs. Auto Reconditioning 

Auto detailing is basically a complete cleaning and preservation of your car, but auto reconditioning has a bit more layer to that. Most times, auto reconditioning takes place remotely such as your home or office, rather than a body shop. Auto reconditioning repairs, restores, and renews your vehicle back to pre-accident conditional. 

Some auto body shops focus on auto detailing, while others focus on actual body work. Our auto body shop (Manuel’s Body Shop) at Culver City handles all services. Our facility is capable of handling any type of auto repair and auto detail no matter how big or small. 

Auto reconditioning and auto body restoration are almost synonymous with each other, but auto body restorations require you to take your vehicle to the shop, especially when it’s a classic car restoration. 

Auto Detailing Services

When it comes to auto detailing, this is the process cleaning your vehicle’s exterior and interior. If your car has some minor damages, some services that would fall under auto detailing is dent repair and fixing scratches in the paint or wheels. 

Exterior Detailing 

The most basic and popular would be your typical car wash, waxing, and buffing. 

Exterior detailing services include: 

  • Cleaning and Dressing Tires 
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Headlight Restoration 
  • Touch-Up on Paint 
  • Protective and Preventive Measure like Paint Protection and Coating 

Interior auto detail services include:

  • Interior Cleaning 
  • Steam Cleaning 
  • Shampooing of seats, carpet, and mats
  • Interior and Trunk Vacuuming 
  • Cleaning of windows and mirrors 
  • Cleaning of car upholstery – leather, vinyl, rubber, etc. 
  • Cleaning of car roof 

If your services requires need more comestic work, you should definitely consider going to a body shop with professional experts that will help you with your cosmetic damage.

Auto Reconditioning Services

Auto Reconditioning Services cover all types of auto repair:

  • Interior Damage To Your Vehicle
  • Paint repair services for damaged car paint 
  • Wheel Damage Repair such as gouges and dents
  • Glass Repair for broken windows and windshields 
  • Paintless Dent Repair that helps prevent auto corrosion 
  • Head Light Restoration for broken or damaged head lights 
  • Other Dent, Bumper, and other cosmetic damage caused by accidents

Auto-reconditioning For Re-Selling A Vehicle 

Pre-owned vehicles have a lower selling value due to depreciation, but auto reconditioning will help you get a higher value for your pre-owned vehicle. 

Car dealerships and car owners looking to sell their vehicles turn to body shops with auto reconditioning services.

When it comes to classic cars, re-conditioned vehicles retain a much more higher value when selling to collectors and enthusiasts.

These days consumers would rather purchase a pre-owned vehicle rather than purchasing a brand new one. 

Auto-Reconditioning For A Lease Return

Some car owners get leased cars and when it’s the end of their leasing period, they would need to return the vehicle back to the dealership.  

Companies may assign excess charges at lease end for wear, damage, and maintenance that are needed for your vehicle. That is something that may cost you more money than you would expect. These charges would include a change in tires below a minimum specification, dents, interior damage, missing parts, and any accessories that may not have been installed properly. 

Instead of spending more money than expected, you should always get your car checked out by an auto repair shop before you return your lease to an authorised dealer. 

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we specialize in auto reconditioning and restoring your leased car to brand new like conditions. You can even pay us later with our financing options that are available through Paypal.



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