Electric Powered Cars Vs Gas Powered Cars : Which is the Better Choice?

We all know that when it comes to making a new vehicle purchase, there are many available options now than ten years ago. With the advancement of technology, commuters are now opting for alternative choices when it comes to their vehicles.

Today, gas-powered cars still dominate the global market, but hybrid and electric-powered cars are slowly, but surely entering the scene.

The question is: What is the Better Choice?

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City, we’ll weigh out the pros and cons of both gas-powered and electric-powered cars.





Gas-Powered Cars


More Affordable

The price of technology can be costly and gas-powered cars still remain to be the consumer’s choice when it comes to purchasing on a budget.

Compared to hybrid and electric-powered cars, gas-powered cars prove to be much cheaper in both vehicle price and car maintenance.

More or less, this is due to high research and development costs needed for new technology. Manufacturers have already mastered gas-powered vehicles since it has been around for more than a century. Unlike its counter-parts, this vehicle just requires refining over the years.

Farther Distances

If you own a gas-powered vehicle, you will definitely have the benefit of going farther distances without having to head to a gas station.

Let’s say that an average vehicle such a 2018 Honda Civic can fill up to 12.4 gallons with a average fuel economy of 35 miles (combined city/highway).

This means to can travel up to 434 miles – thats like traveling from Los Angeles. California to Napa Valley, California with still some gas to spare.

When it comes to practicality and commuters who like to travel far distances, this is obviously the better choice.


Another advantage is gas-powered cars can produce more raw power. As gas-powered cars evolved, they continue to be more powerful.


Not so Environment Friendly

With the rise of global warming, it’s no secret that gas-powered cars contribute to this crisis each and every day. In the United States alone, billions of tons of carbon-dioxide are released into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gas emissions have grave effects on the environment such as a rise in sea-levels, climate changes,and melting ice caps

The level of pollution will increase has more gas-powered vehicles developed.

Not to mention, human exposure to gasoline can also has hazardous effects to one’s health.

Fuel Expenses

Like we mentioned before, gas-powered cars are the more affordable choice, but fuel costs can also add up in the future.

These vehicles rely on fossil fuels which we acquire from foreign lands (mostly the middle east).

With this, we cannot control the amount we pay for fuel as it is always changing depending on OPEC (Oil Producing and Export Countries).

Electric-powered Cars


Less Harmful to the Environment

Some of the advantages of Electric-powered is definitely its lesser impact to the environment. These vehicles use far less harmful gases since it does not use an engine as gas-powered cars burn fossil fuels and release harmful gases to in the atmosphere.

Electric-powered cars is propelled by an electric motor which comes from batteries attached to the vehicle.

With this, electric vehicles do not have tailpipes which means no tailpipe emissions. This also means better air quality for those who are breathing the same air in the area.




While the electric car itself can be more expensive than a gas-powered vehicle,it can become cost- effective in terms on spending money on petroleum (gas).

There is no need to go to the gas station and buy fuel. Ever. Instead, all you need is a special charging unit and just plug in your vehicle until the it is fully charged. Sort of like any electrical gadget that you would use.






Higher Price

There are a few downsides to electric vehicles, such as the base price of the car if you are planning to buy one.

A basic electric car without the bells and whistles can set you back around $35,000. With that price you can already purchase a gas-powered luxury car or a fully-loaded vehicle.

If consumers are on a budget, they won’t be able to afford this car to begin with.



Limited Range

Electric Cars only have a limited range and can run between 125 – 300 miles. You need to be precise with the distance you intend to drive and ensure that there are charging stations available just incase you you run out of power.

No one wants to be stuck on the road.



Re-charging can be time-consuming

Imagine already running late and needing to use your vehicle for 100 miles range, but forgetting to charge your electric-powered car the night before. On average, a 240-volt source will give you 25 miles for every hour of charging. This means you need to wait for four hours or more to get the miles that you need.

This can really test the patience of drivers. With that, the only tip we can give is to make sure that you remember to plug in your cars before heading off to bed. This way, you’re fully charged and ready to go in the morning.



Not the Consumer’s Choice

A lot of electric car models are consist of compact cars and mid-sized sedans, while the most popular vehicles that sell are SUVs and crossovers.

Some consumers would prefer a gas-powered cars due the design and model. This is why the electric car market is working to meet the consumers’ demands.





The Verdict

So What Is The Better Choice?

At the end of the day, the it really does dependent not the consumers’ needs.

Every car owner is different and you’ll see gas-powered users switching to electric and vice-versa.

Gas-powered and electric-powered cars both have its pros and cons, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the better fit for you.

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