Keeping Your car clean During COVID-19

It is very evident how COVID-19 pandemic has affected many countries worldwide. As much as we are staying at home, we should maintain high standards of hygiene. High levels of cleanliness should also be kept in vehicles to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. We will be looking at some car maintenance tips during this COVID-19 pandemic.

How can COVID-19 be spread in cars and automobiles?

Well, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted via the droplets of an infected person when they land on sensitive areas such as the dashboard, seats, gear lever, door handles, and also in the interior of the vehicle. When an infected person leaves that vehicle and another passenger boards the same car, he/she is at a very high risk of contaminating the virus.

Auto repair centers are other places where the risk of contaminating the virus is high since many vehicles are repaired there, and perhaps a car may have carried an infected passenger and, after that, was not disinfected. But with proper health and safety measures, essential businesses like auto repair and collision centers make sure that facilities are constantly being disinfected to make sure that the virus does not spread.

General practices to avoid the spread and contamination of the virus

To avoid the spread and contamination of the virus, we must adhere to some general guidelines that will play a key role in ensuring the infection has not spread. The guidelines include:

•Avoiding handshakes and hugs

•Maintaining social distances of 1-2 meters

•They are avoiding public gatherings

•You are isolating yourself to reduce the risk of contaminating the virus

•Practicing handwashing regularly and maintaining high standards of hygiene

How to maintain high hygienic standards in your car to reduce the high risk of COVID-19

1. Exterior Body Washing

Exterior car body washing can be done in an auto body shop or even at home. This is essential since it gives your vehicle an excellent outside appearance. Furthermore, it will kill any present bacteria which may be on the exterior surface of the car. The bacteria are found in sensitive parts, such as door handles. A thorough exterior car body wash should be done using clean water and soap to kill the bacteria. Auto body shops offer this exemplary service well.

2. Interior Car Washing

As for the interior washing, it is advisable to ask professionals from your trusted car maintenance center like Manuel’s Body Shop to help you out. Generally, internal car washing is essential since more time is spent in the car interior compared to the time spent on the car exterior. The car interior can be cleaned using disinfectants and more so be extra keen in some sensitive areas such as the steering wheel, the gear, the dashboard and the door handles. Exterior car cleaning will aid in removing any bacteria which have attached itself on the car interior surfaces.

3. Car Vacuuming

Well, car vacuuming will play a key role in eliminating micro-organisms that may have been attached in the interior of the vehicle. The first step is to collect any litter present in the car. Make sure you pay close to quire places you may not think of, such as glove compartment, under the seats, check on the cup holders, and such areas. After ensuring there is no litter inside the car, you may now start vacuuming the car. This will assist in sucking dust and, in the process of eradicating micro -organisms.

4. Disinfect Your car

After a thorough exterior and interior cleaning, it is time to disinfect your vehicle. Cleaning should be done regularly using alcohol-based disinfectants. Alcohol-based disinfectants play a crucial role in killing micro -organisms. Well, alcohol-based disinfectants are not usually the best since they may cause damage to some interior surfaces of your vehicle, such as leather. Using surface cleaners that contain mild detergents may also be of great help since it won’t have any damage. You may ask an expert to assist you in this exercise.

5. Observing Passengers’ Hygiene

As a responsible driver, you must take proper hygienic precautions on your passengers. Such precautions include ensuring every passenger who boards your vehicle is wearing a face mask to reduce the rate of the spread and contamination of the virus.

Other ways to maintain car hygiene

We have discussed a lot on how you can maintain high standards of cleanliness in your car. There are some minor points you should be keen off since they will play a significant role in maintaining high standards of hygiene.

•Regular Sanitizing

You should sanitize your hands regularly more so when you are entering your car. This will help in killing any present germs on your hands.

•Carry a limited number of passengers

Social distancing must also be maintained in cars. As a driver, you should carry a limited number of passengers to reduce the risk of spreading the virus or germs from one occupant to another.

•Keeping An Extra Bottle of Sanitizer

By so doing, you will always be ready to sanitize your passengers when they board your vehicle.

•Ensuring the air conditioner is in a perfect state

More so, the fan. When driving, makes sure the fan is always on to maintain proper air ventilation. If your air conditioning system is not in a good state, kindly visit your trusted auto repair shop.

•Ensure your passengers occupy the back seats

This is to ensure the is no direct contact between the driver and the passenger.

Final thought

You have elaborated vital points that should be observed to clean your car during the COVID-19 pandemic. Observation of the above points will play a key role in eradicating germs, causing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Remember always to clean your car regularly, mainly in the interior of yours. Don’t forget to look out at the sensitive areas of your vehicle, which may be contaminated. you should make sure your fan is working correctly, and the air conditioning system is in perfect condition.

Above all, maintain social distances, avoid handshakes, wear face masks, clean your hands regularly, and maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Together let us eradicate this COVID-19 pandemic.

Prevention is always definitely better than cure

Manuel’s Body Shop is open for essential business

At Manuel’s Body Shop, safety always comes first. As our shop remains open during this pandemic, we will ensure our customers and staff that we are following the highest level of safety measures with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local public health officials. 

We understand the importance of having a vehicle up and running and we’re here to help.



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