Should You Lease Or Buy A Car?

Whether your expanding your family, moving to a new city, or starting your new job, adding a new or a used vehicle in your budget is a huge decision. Along with sided housing costs and some other expenses, you are no going to afford buying a set of a new car. Car financing may also be another big decision since you may find an auto loan being very daunting, with its interest summing up and equals the price of another new set. Leasing a car can be an option, but still, it cant work with anyone. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of buying and leasing a set of new wheels.

Pros Of Leasing A Vehicle

Lower Monthly Payments

Leasing a car can reduce your monthly expenses as compared to car financing. It allows you to save up to 40% of the total monthly deductions that you had to pay for the financing option.

Warranty guaranteed

To avoid mechanical breakdown frustrations and extra costs that you may incur after buying your new vehicle, you can consider leasing a car since you are guaranteed of a stunning warranty. Whenever your car breaks down, you don’t need to incur any servicing cost since everything is included in the service charge you pay on a monthly basis.

You’re not responsible for vehicle reselling

When you are done with the vehicle, and you find that it is depreciating, you don’t need to waste your time looking for someone you can sell your car to. What you need to do is return the vehicle to the company and have a new set. The company is responsible for vehicle reconditioning and sale.

Cons Of Leasing A Vehicle

It can burden unreliable income

Having money deducted in your account every month for the rest of your life may not be realistic with an unpredictable flow of income. Car leasing requires someone who is sure of lifetime income stability. In case of any circumstance such as losing your job or incurring a hug medical bill may upset your finances. So it can be wise if you can consider buying a used car at a relatively lower price and you will be done with these monthly charges.

Driving freedom limitation

Using a car from the lease, you are subjected to lots of limitations under which you will incur some fee upon acting in contrary to the terms. These limitations are majorly on speed, driving beyond the set distant limit, procrastinating on timely maintenance, among other minor regulations. When dealing with a car on a lease, you need to take more time to read the fine print before moving a step forward.

More cost for long term lease

Leasing a car for a very long time is very expensive as opposed to buying a new car. More so, after the end of the lease term, the company will take back the vehicle, and you will walk away with nothing while with bought or financed car, you will sell it and remain with profit.

Pros Of Buying A Vehicle


When you are the owner of the vehicle, you will enjoy a great feeling of confidence even if you financed it, also, you will still be comfortable to do what you want.


With your car, you can do what you want, talk of driving speed and customization. You are free to drive your vehicle to whatever millage you want and the rate you operate at your comfort. Customizing your car, either if you bought in cash or financing, you are free to customize the way you want.

Lower long term costs

As long as your driving your car, long term charges are very minimal. Car financing charges can be limited with time, and you will be remaining only with insurance judges that you can not lose your car for failure to pay them as there with the lease.

Cons Of Buying A Vehicle

Higher monthly charges

If you are financing a car, you are paying more monthly fees as compared to leasing.

Post-warranty repairs

When you buy a car, the warranty will expire after a concise period, and you will be responsible for any repairs coming after.

After Lease Vehicle Reconditioning Service

Leasing a vehicle gives you the opportunity to enjoy a car you need without spending a fortune. You can drive around your best car with the minimal price you can afford, but it might be quite unfortunate for you when returning the vehicle to the leasing company. Every small damage that was not counted in during the regular warranted service may sum up giving a huge shocking figure. So what are you going to do?

Easy: Let Manuel’s Body Shop take care of your situation.

Why Lease Return Re-conditioning?

It is totally impossible to avoid minor dents and other common damages despite being a safe driver. You must have caused some general damages to the vehicle, which may require you to go for auto reconditioning before you return your vehicle. this damages can be;

  • Collision damages
  • Scrapes and excessive pumps caused when parking the vehicle
  • Damages from highway flying debris, among other deep scratches

Some minor damages may be understandable, and the company may ignore it, but with more extensive damages, you need to take care of them before you meet the real pinch.

Let Manuel’s Body Shop Make Your Car Brand New Again

Manuel’s Body Shop is a group of specialized experts in vehicle reconditioning, bringing them back to their and auto body repairs in general.

They specialize in reconditioning vehicles, returning them back to their pristine original condition, among other auto body repair services.

Bringing your vehicle for reconditioning, you will be able to save a lot and you will be able to return your vehicle without incurring even a single penny in the repair fee that you could have incurred.

The following are the services it will be offered to your vehicle at the center:

  • Headlight restoration
  • Wheel restoration
  • Cracked, damaged, and chipped glass replacement
  • Paintless dent removal involving color sand and polishing without interfering with the orginal paint.

If there are other extensive damages, the auto body company will work together with the insurance company to make sure that the cost is met for the service, and you will be happy returning your vehicle to the lease company at perfect condition.



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