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Bumpers are part of the car and protect the front, back and sides of your car. They cover the steel or aluminium area where cars get bumped, collide or hit. They are attached to the chassis and frame just below the headlights and in front of the vehicle’s wheels. Bumpers may be made out of plastic, fiberglass, or metal

Bumpers are designed to absorb most of the impact to protect the paint on your car in case you hit something like a pot hole or curb which could damage your car bodywork and even put you into an accident itself.



A car’s bumper is the most essential of all its safety features. Today, bumpers are often made of plastic and cost an amount between $200 and $700 to repair or replace.

Since cars’ bumpers are essential safety equipment, it’s important that drivers understand what they’re looking for in a replacement part in order to avoid buying a faulty part. If a replacement bumper is purchased without considering the quality, the car’s safety while driving will be compromised.

Car owners who are in need of a new or replacement bumper should consider a few factors before purchasing. A new or replacement bumper should look as close to the original as possible, both in fit and finish.

It should be made of durable and impact-resistant materials, glisten with a flawless finish, have straight edges and not have any gaps between the body and vehicle. When a replacement part is purchased that doesn’t meet the standards mentioned above, it can compromise the car’s safety.


If your bumper has been damaged in an accident make sure it is replaced as soon as possible. Your bumper replacement is a vital part of your car’s bodywork and so it is best to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Another reason to change your car’s bumper is if the paint or lacquer has been damaged and you want to completely restore your car’s bodywork to its original condition. If the plastic on your bumper has been scratched, cracked or damaged you should consider getting an expert to replace that section with a new one.

It’s difficult to know whether you need bumper repair or your old bumper can still be fixed.

Here are a few factors you can use.

1.Age of bumper

Bumpers need to be replaced after a certain number of years, which varies in different regions. The more years that have passed since your car’s bumper was installed, the higher the chance you will need repair or replacement. If a bumper installation is more than 10 years old for instance, it could be time for an upgrade.


2. Material of the new bumper

Depending on the material you are looking for, repairs may not be enough and replacement is needed instead.


3. Condition of your bumper

If it’s banged up, cracked, or generally look worse for wear, then you may want to replace the damaged bumper with a new one.


4. Material of the old bumper

This is important when you go to replace a damaged bumper. If your old bumper was made of fiberglass for instance, you’ll need to go with fiberglass again. There are many different materials used for car bumpers today including plastic .


5. What type of vehicle you have

Some vehicles have a specific bumper for their paint job that may need to be replaced or repaired.



6. The owner’s manual

If your bumper was installed by the dealer, then you can usually go with the original. If you purchased it elsewhere, it’s important to make sure it’s correct for your vehicle as well as your model.



7. Your overall vehicle appearance

If the entire vehicle is dinged, dented and generally dirty, you might be better served by repairing your car’s exterior rather than just the bumper.


Bumper replacement is a great option for some cars.

Many new cars have less chrome or plastic on them today making it easier to replace them if need be. Bumpers are usually made of plastic and may come with different features.

  • Plastic bumpers are less expensive for instance, but may not last as long. Metal bumpers can be stronger and more durable, but do come with a higher price tag. Plus some are made from recycled materials.
  • Other options include using a wrap, such as body wrap or vinyl wrap to cover the bumper and make it match the rest of your vehicle’s appearance. You can also get a new coat of paint or have parts re-chromed to restore your car’s old look.
  • Plastic bumpers that are made into aftermarket ones usually require more work than metal ones because they must be reshaped and reattached during installation.
  • Replacing parts is usually done by a professional. If it’s a new bumper that you want installed, then you’ll want to take your car to the dealership or body shop.
  • It’s important to get your car fixed right the first time so that it doesn’t happen again. Keep in mind that you will also want to do regular inspections of the vehicle so that any issues can be caught early on and dealt with before they become worse and more expensive to repair. Keep in mind that you’ll also want to change any damaged parts as soon as possible.
  • The biggest repair issue with bumpers is that they often happen without warning. When you’re driving, take a look down and you may see some damage. If it’s not too bad, you can probably go on your way, but if it happens again later, then you’ll want to get it fixed early.
  • Often people try to repair the damage themselves and fail. This can make the problem worse or cause new issues to occur.
  • Preventive maintenance is important for your car, but it’s also important for your car’s bumpers. You can find many tips online that will help you care for your bumper, prevent damage and save you money down the road.

Final Words

With such careful consideration, you can now make an informed decision and get a great result in repairing your bumper instead of paying for a new one.

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