Top 10 Automotive Blogs in 2019

We hope to that you had a great 2019 and Manuel’s Body Shop is definitely looking forward to 2020! Our blog started this 2019 and we have done our best to create trending and useful articles for car owners and enthusiasts. Since we don’t have all the answers, we’ve decided to create our top picks for  automotive blog sites in the United States.

If you need more information in topics relating to the automotive industry, you should definitely check out these other blogs:

1. Motor Trend Magazine

Motor Trend Magazine started out in 1949 and eventually moved its way to the world wide web. Their site provides information that you need when it comes to the automobile industry. Motor Trend Magazine provided the latest car news and trends as well as reviews and buyers guide on the type of vehicles that you should purchase. Motor Trend Magazine also has a strong social media following with around 3.1 million followers on facebook.

If you prefer hard paper copies of Motor Trend, the Motor Trend Group still publishes magazine copies with a monthly circulation of 1 million readers.

They are also well known for their Car if the Year Award. In 2020, they named the Chevrolet Corvette as the Motor Trend Car of the Year.



2. Autoblog

Autoblog is another blog site that you can find information on automotive news, reviews, car research tools, and even information on going green. Autoblog provides high quality photographs and even has a youtube channel. It also has a social media following on Facebook (1.5 Million followers) and Instagram (128k followers).

The blog site itself reaches around 2 million people organically on a monthly basis. They post content multiple times a day on the latest topics in the automotive industry.


3. Motor Authority

Motor Authority was a blog site that was founded in 2006. Motor Authority’s primary focus is on luxury and high performance vehicles. Their content includes spy shots of the latest vehicles, first drives, luxury car news, and auto shows. Their blog audience includes car enthusiasts, consumers, and members of the automobile industry.  They have a facebook following of 2.5 million.


4. Edmunds

Edmunds is an American Company that provided automotive research services. Founded in 1966, its aim was to help consumers with car buying decisions. On the website, you’ll find information on car reviews, used cars for sale, vehicle appraisal, and new car pricing.

Edmunds also gives award for the Top Rated Cars. In 2020, here are the Top Rated Cars (based on Edmunds):

  • Top Rated Luxury SUV : 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • Top Rated Sports Car: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Top Rated Electric Car: 2019 Tesla Model 3
  • Top Rated Truck: 2020 Ram 1500
  • Top Rated Sedan: 2020 Honda Accord
  • Top Rated Luxury Sedan: 2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class


5. Hemmings Motor News

If you are interested in Classic Cars, Hemmings Motor News is definitely one to check out. Originally, it started out as a monthly magazine focusing on antique and classic sports cars. Founded in 1954, it the oldest publication of its type with a monthly circulation of 215,000 copies. Unfortunately, they stopped publication of their magazine in 2017, but they still have a website up and running for those interested in Classic Cars.

Hemmings Motor News has Auto Classified where you can find classic cars for sale.

If you ever need classic car restoration services in the Los Angeles area, be sure to head to Manuel’s Body Shop. We offer affordable auto body restoration for all types of classic cars.


6. BMW Blog

The BMW Blog is a great source for all thing BMW. They provide daily news and have information on the newest models of the BMW brand. They have quite a following on social media. Facebook with 3 million followers and Twitter with 76.9k followers.


7.  Motor1

Motor1 is a new blog site for car buyers and enthusiasts. It was established in 2015 to bring you car news, buying guides, pricing, reviews, and analysis of automobiles. Motor1 also has a youtube channel where you can check out the latest automotive content.

Motor1 is based in the United States, but they also have different language options on their website.


8. Car and Driver

Car and Driver is a well-known magazine published in 1955 (originally Sports Car Illustrated). This blog provides transparent insight on topics in the automotive industry. They provide car reviews and analysis, car news, auto reporting and more. Their magazine publication is still running with a monthly circulation around 1.23 million.

Every year Car and Driver provides it top 10 picks with “Car and Driver 10best.” In 2019, these were the top picks :

  • BMW M2 Competition
  • Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport / Z06
  • Ford Mustang GT/ Bullitt
  • Genesis G70
  • Honda Accord / Hybrid
  • Honda Civic Sport Hatchback / Si / Type R
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata / RF
  • Mercedes- Benz E450 / E53 AMG
  • Porsche 718 Boxster / Cayman
  • Volkwagen Golf Family


9.  Car Talk

Car Talk was more known as a radio talk show, but they do have a website where they have blog articles pertaining to the automotive industry. A unique thing about Car Talk is that they often discuss automobiles and automotive topics in a humorous way. In a nutshell, they provide car advice, tips, and answer any questions you might have regarding cars.

Radio broadcasting was stopped in September 2017, but they still have quite and online presence via podcasts and blog.


10.  Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports is an automotive blog site focusing on environmental-friendly vehicles such as hybrid and electric cars. They provide the latest news and trends when it comes to going green.


No matter which automotive blog you read or visit, a blog’s goal remains the same : to provide the consumer information on the topics they are interested in. Be sure to check out all these blogs now or in the future as well as continue to check out our blogs at Manuel’s Body Shop.

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