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Tesla, Inc. is an electronic vehicle and sustainable energy company that is based in Palo Alto, California, United States. Also known as the Tesla motors, this company is responsible for manufacturing numerous electronic products.

Some of the most commonly manufactured products by Tesla Motors are Batteries, Electric cars, Solar Products and also Accumulators. Tesla is one of the leading brands that produce cars.

The fact that makes Tesla, Inc. stand out is that Tesla, Inc. operates electronic motors that require two moving portions. Not only this but Tesla uses single speed transmitters or transmissions that are gearless or requires no gears.

The Tesla, Inc. systems are said to be virtually free of maintenance. Other than these, Tesla does have few amazing features.

Tesla cars are unique as it has few very impressive features like the full self driving feature or (FSD), has a standard autopilot feature and not only that it also has a navigator on autopilot.

There are numerous features that make Tesla,Inc. amazing but as we all know and understand that no product can be perfect. All products available in the market have some great and major issues and drawbacks and Tesla can definitely not be ignored in this aspect.

There are a few important problems that every tesa user has faced till date. One of those major problems being their customer services.

Yes, Tesla, Inc. is not very good with its customer service. There are a few major issues with Tesla, Inc. cars which are most commonly found all over the world but there is something more disturbing than these issues.

It is the way Tesla, Inc. reacts to it. There are customers all over the world complaining about Tesla, Inc.’s customer service.


There are a number of customers or buyers who buy vehicles to support their image and do not really see the problems in that vehicle.

Tesla is considered incredibly trendy and posh and plenty of people get attracted towards this feature of Tesla, Inc..

Later on these people face problems with the vehicles and eventually regret buying that particular product.

To help you not make this same inaccurate decision again and again we have managed to find out the 5 most commonly found Tesla repairs.

Tesla has a lot of problems with their cars. Few of them are failure in power sheering, Tesla batteries are a huge drawback, door handles are of extreme low quality, off putting wheel gaps, water deposit in lights and definitely extremely high maintenance charges.

So here are 5 most commonly found major Tesla repairs:



The MCU is referred to as the media control unit and is present in Tesla cars. In other simple words MCU or the media control unit is the main screen present in Tesla cars.

It is a very helpful feature in Tesla cars as it gives a lot of information about the car and numerous other aspects around when you are using them.

Sadly this amazing feature has a major drawback in the design itself.

The Tesla cars employ eMMc Flash memory in their MCU system. Which means it can be uploaded and updated extremely fast and easily. But this constant updating of this flash memory eventually fails. In this case when the memory fails due to extensive updating it leaves the entire MCU or media control unit useless. The MCU fails to work any further.

It is said that this drawback of Tesla cars is rectified in the latest models, but this problem emerges in every 100 cars of Tesla, Inc.



The Model 3s or M3 of Tesla cars are said to have cracking glass as a major issue as said by its users. Users have complained the rare glass of Tesla M3 is extremely fragile and cracks very easily.

There are customers who have complained that they had to change their M3 rare glass 3 to 4 times consecutively in a row.

This factor is a major drawback for Tesla M3 and customers refrain from buying it.

Although Tesla has absolutely denied this fact as a problem in the car.



Tesla MS or Tesla Model S are said to have very bad handles. Users complain that the handles are of very low quality and are very far from being durable. There are customers who have constantly complained of replacing the handles several times.

The main problem with the handles is that they tend not to open when pulled and the user has to repeat the process for a long time.

 As a result of which the handles tend to lock for a longer period of time.

However, Tesla has repaired this defect in customers’ cars only if it is still in the warranty period for several customers.

But Tesla refuses to acknowledge this problem in the time of manufacturing.

As a result of which Tesla keeps on manufacturing cars with faulty handles again and again.



A lot of customers have had issues with the heating element failure in Tesla cars. This is most commonly found in MS and MX models. The customers have complained that they have heard a loud noise almost like a pop in the heating cabin and immediately after that the heating stops.

This issue has become so common with Tesla cars that the customer service centers have started keeping extra parts for this problem and they change them immediately.



One more very important and commonly found repair on Tesla cars are the issues with its battery warranty or battery in general.

 Tesla batteries are complained to have lower working capacity and are said to have stopped working in many cases. Most importantly customers have complained that the batteries stop working in cold temperatures.

Although this factor has been resolved in the latest versions.

 We all understand this fact that every product has problems in terms of manufacturing and Tesla,Inc. is not an exception at all in this case.

 So this list of most commonly found repairs are exclusively marked to be the most common that every Tesla buyer should have knowledge about.

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