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If you’re looking to buy a new sedan in the United States this 2019, you should take a look at what other buyers are looking for.

People are always looking for the best brands and for those with a budget, they always want the best value for what they are paying for.

From eco-friendly vehicles to vehicle with new technology features, here are the most popular brands of cars as of June 2019.



1. Toyota Camry (176,008 units sold)

Source: Toyota

The 2019 Toyota Camry is the most popular car in the United States at the moment. Toyota has always been a reputable brand when it comes to Sedans, Trucks and SUVS.

The Toyota Camry’s four-cylinder engine is fuel efficient and it is popular amongst an eco friendly crowd.

It rivals with the Honda Accord (Top 4 best selling vehicle) and the Mazda 6.


Though only minor changes were made, you can expect this model to have some new features:

Apple Carplay
Wi-fi Hotspot
Emergency and Roadside Assistance
New JBL Sound System


Standard Model: $24,765
High-end Model: $30, 395

Fuel Economy:

City: 29/mpg
Highway : 41/mpg




2. Honda Civic (169,172 units sold)

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This mid-sized car is a another popular model. Civics also boasts other models like the two-door coupe of the hatchback, but the Sedan is definitely the most popular.

The standard Honda Civic has a four-cylinder engine with automatic transmission or 6-speed manual. Not to mention that the Honda Civic is one of the affordable Cars in the market.




Some changes were added to the 2019 model such as:

Manual knobs that were added to the touch screen feature
New sleek front-end design
New Interior Design: Larger Cup Holder, improved sound system, and re-design of the steering wheel

The Honda Civic has added a new selection of colors to choose from.


Standard Sedan: $20, 345
Sport Sedan: $22,045

Fuel Economy: 

City: 30/mpg
Highway : 38/mpg


3. Toyota Corolla (152,868 units sold)


The Top 3 best selling car has made some exterior design changes to give a more daring look than previous models.

Just like the Toyota Camry, one of the highlights is its fuel economy. It has almost been a great choice for those who are on a budget. With this model, Toyota attempts to change things up and improve the driver experience with its new dynamics. The Corolla also comes with a hatchback model.

New Features on the Toyota include:

New Exterior Design
Hybrid Model is added in the line-up
New Safety Features
More room in the backseat


Standard Sedan: $18,700
High-end Sedan: $22,880

Fuel Economy:

City: 29/mpg
Highway : 41/mpg



4. Honda Accord (129,435 units sold)

Image result for 2019 honda accord

Source: Honda 

Through Honda Accord sales have dropped in the past year, it still managed to makes it way to the best selling cars in 2019.

The Accord has always been one of the suitable choices for family cars due to its driver-friendly handling, spacious cabin, and more.

The Accord also has a power engine, fuel efficient and has advanced safety aids to help you on the road.



Some new features include:

New 2.0 Liter turbocharges four-cylinder engine (previously 1.5 Liter)
Offers Hybrid powertrain model


Standard Sedan: $23,720
High-end Sedan: $35,950

Fuel Economy: 

City: 30/mpg
Highway : 38/mpg




5. Nissan Sentra (109,899 units sold)

Nissan Sentra wheel detail and exterior rear shot

Source: Nissan

Another brand that sold the most units was the Nissan Sentra. This compact pact car has always been competing with the likes of Toyota and Honda. If your looking for something thats simple, affordable, and will get the job done, then maybe this car will suit your standards.

It’s priced lower that its competitors, has a spacious trunk and back seat, and user-friendly controls.



Though the design has not seen any substantial changes, it does have some new features:

Apply Carplay and Android Auto
7.0- inch touch screen with NissanConnect Interface


Standard Sedan: $18,685
High-end Sedan: $23,915

Fuel Economy :

City: 29/mpg
Highway : 37/mpg




6. Nissan Altima (108,777 units sold)

360 car spinner

Source: Nissan

Along with the Nissan Sentra, the Nissan Altima also manages its way to make it the the top-selling Sedan in 2019. This mid-sized sedan battles with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Improved design and driving dynamics contribute as to why sales continue for this particular model.

With its generous passenger space providing comfort and new added features, the Altima is one of the models to watch. It is also one of the only sedans out there that offers all- wheel drive combined with fuel efficiency for those on a budget.



A few updates include:

Driver Assistance Technology
Collision Warning and Automated Emergency Braking
2020 models should expect to see advance driver assistance such as lane departure warnings,blind-spot monitoring, and high-beam assist.


Standard Sedan: $24,995
High-end Sedan: $33,075

Fuel Economy:

City: 28/mpg
Highway : 39/mpg



7. Ford Fusion (96,351 units sold)

Source : Ford

The American Ford also makes its ways to one of the most popular cars in the United States. This Sedan model has stuck around the longest amongst the passenger models of Ford. Ford Pick-Up Trucks and SUVs have been the more popular choice with then comes to Ford. Though non-american brands take the spot for Sedans, Ford remains strong when it comes to selling their pick-up trucks and SUV units.

This fun-to-drib model has had some changes to give a a more aesthetic feel and its available with 6 engine for the driver experience. It is not as fuel-efficient as Toyota and Honda, but its still popular among other sedans.




Some new features include:

New standard driver assistance features
On-board Wifi with infotainment system featuring Alexa and Waze
New Technology for Safety (as with other brands): automated emergency brakes, advance driver assistance such as lane departure warnings,blind-spot monitoring, and high-beam assist.


Standard Sedan: $23,835
Sport Sedan: $41,010

Fuel Economy

City: 23/mpg
Highway : 34/mpg



8. Hyundai Elantra (84,971 units sold)

Source: Hyundai

The Hyundai Elantra is also one of the best selling cars in 2019 with it improvement on fuel economy. Some highlights are its new design, turbocharged engine and new available features.

This mid-sized sedan has elevated the Elantra’s persona which it the reason why it has sold more units this year. You can get the four-cylinder engine with automatic or manual transmission.



Some features include:

Apple Carplay and Android Auto
New Exterior Design Updates
New Interior updates like new air vents, climate and auto controls, new storage tray and more
New Safety Technologies


Standard Sedan: $17,895
High-end Sedan: $23,485

Fuel Economy :

City: 32/mpg
Highway : 40/mpg


Asian Car Brands like Toyota, Honda ,and Nissan still reign among the most popular brands in 2019, but the competition is stiff. With new technologies rising every year, its possible that we can see a shift in when it comes to the best selling sedans.


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