What’s Included in a Full Auto Detail?

Auto detailing is a unique way to make your car look new. It’s not just a carwash; car detailing can refresh and protect your car and finances, adding a sense of pride in owning and enjoying your car.

Most cars lose their appearance and value as a result of dirt and depletion, because not all cleaning is the same. Auto detailing is considered a job that requires skills and patience.The best automotive tools on the market requires a lot of money and time to do the detailing.

A full auto detail can take up to three hours, depending on the condition of the vehicle. One point is when your car is cleaned and restored to a “new” state, it’s like going back in time.Most people are proud of their cars and of course everyone wants the most beautiful vehicle to show off.

When auto detailing started, it was a great way for someone to be able to show what they had in their detailing station. What was popular in California has now become the choice of many car enthusiasts.

Like Manuel’s Body Shop, Auto Detailing Services in Culver City  cleans your car interior and exterior. There is also engine detailing, but some body shops consider that as part of the exterior auto detail.

Let’s take a look at the two main components of a full auto detail.



Interior Auto Detail

Inside a car, there is usually a lot of work for every detailer. Some say that interior detailing requires more work that exterior.

If your cabin is dirty, your in for some complications like smells and odors that cannot be overpowered by an air freshener. Not to mention, filthy air exhausts that can spread allergens inside your vehicle.

There are also different materials in the interior of your vehicle such as leather, plastic, vinyl, carbon fiber, and other natural fibers.

In turn, different types of equipment are used to for the interior of your vehicle.

What’s included in Interior Detailing?

  • Floor mats are removed and the inside of the the vehicle will be vacuumed thoroughly. From the seats to the trunk, the interior will be vacuumed. For hard to reach areas, sometimes an air compressor is used.
  • To clean the carpet and mats, a steaming tool is used and mats are scrubbed down with a brush. After this is complete, the technician will wait for the interior to fully dry.
  • Glass surfaces are sprayed and cleaned with a premium glass auto cleaner. Typically, a mirror streak free cleaner is used to ensure there are no smudges and marks on the glass surfaces.
  • If the interior is leather, leather trimming is down. The auto detailer may a conditioner to your leather to make it look like new.
  • The vehicle is vacuumed again and wipred for any dirt left. A deodrant can also be added to give it a new car smell.

Exterior detailing

It’s basically the outside of your car like wheels. tires. windows, body, and other visible aspects of the vehcicle.

This process can involve waxing, polishing, and degreasing.

This will make your car shine and look better.

What’s included in Exterior Detailing?

  • Washing the car is an important step to remove all the excess dirt and debris. After the car is washed, it is sprayed with a cleaner for specifically for the exterior of the car.
  • A claying process is done to remove the contaminents that could not be removed through the washing process. This also removes oxidation and light scratches.
  • The car is polished and waxed. Sometimes, a special coating (sealant) can be applied to keep the glossy shine longer. Other times wax is another alternative.
  • If your package includes other services, this can included headlight polishing or restoration, trim restoration, engine detailing and more.


Engine detailing

Your car’s engine is another area where auto detailers can spend a lot of time.

All areas with computer systems or electrical appliances must be cleaned separately, and must not be cleaned with any type of detergent.

Degreasers are used to remove any soot, oil or residue from inside. Once the degreaser has soaked for 3-5 minutes, the engine is hosed down. For the final rinse, a vaccuum or air compressor is used to blow the rest of the water off.

It is also recommended to add a coating of engine protectant as it may protect your engine for years to come.


Professional Auto detailing in Culver City

Detailing is very important, but not easy.

The technicians at Manuel’s Body Shop are detailing experts and perfectionists who have learned to art of cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

You should always consider getting the most out of what you pay for.


Auto Detailing  is a proven way to keep your car in good condition and we’re here to help you restore your vehicle to its proper aesthethics.

Drop by today and get a full auto detail at Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City.

We’re Happy when our customers are happy.

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