Bumper Repair in Culver CIty 

Do you need to replace your car bumper? Are you worried about the cost that comes with the bumper repair?

Don’t worry! You are not the first person to worry about bumper repair costs.

Severe damage to the bumper occurs rarely. Hence a lot of people can be troubles with the idea the first time.

At first, let us look and what is a bumper, and why it is necessary for the car. Some may think it is an ornamental attachment, but it is also a functional component.

You will find the bumper in the front and rear end of the car. The bumper design is to lower the damage in case there is an accident.

The bumper on your vehicle is sturdy, and it hardly gets damaged. However, in severe cases, the broken bumper may need a replacement.

In this article, we are going to share everything about bumper repairing and their costs. You will learn when you need to repair or replace a bumper.

Bumper Repair

Dent in the bumper

As we said before, the bumper is there to protect you and your car from harm. It is unlikely to see a critical blow, but you may notice dents on the bumper.

You can pull out dents easily with little effort at home. In case it is too deep, you might need help from a technician.

If you contact a body shop, it can cost from $125 to $450 to fix one, depending on the damage.


A small crack on the bumper

Here you have to worry about the size of the crack. Small cracks are easy to repair. But the story is a bit different for large holes.

As the bumper is there to protect you in case of accidents, large cracks cannot take the hit, so it cannot protect you. It is recommended to replace the bumper as soon as possible if there is a large crack.

When do you need to replace a bumper?

Although bumpers rarely need replacement, sometimes they do. So, you should be ready for it in advance to lower the hassle that could come up at the moment.

Here are certain situations where you can consider repairing the bumper;

  • When there is a big crack on the bumper
  • The technician cannot fix the dent on the bumper.
  • If the damage is such that replacing the bumper is a cheaper option

In such cases, replacing the bumper gives you the most benefit and it will cost less than repairing the actual bumper damage. You can drive your car that the new bumper is there for the best protection in times of need.

Where can I get a bumper repairing service?

If there is minor damage to the damage, some people choose to just take care of it themselves, but the best option would be to take it to the an auto body shop and assess the damage.

Here at Manuel’s Body Shop, we’ll assess the physical damage and provide you with a fixed price of around $450 (labor and parts included).

You can even avail our payment plans through Paypal Credit.

What is the cost of bumper replacement?

The cost of replacing a bumper can vary from $100 dollars to $1500. The actual price of the bumper replacement depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Modern luxury cars often have complex systems that can take longer for the techicians which is the reason why prices can go up.

Is repairing the bumper considered expensive?

It depends on the type of vehicle you own, but it is essential that you repair your bumper if there is some level of damage.

The bumper is not just an aesthetical part of the vehicle. It is also responsible for protection from damage.

During an accident, the bumper takes all the force from the collision. It lowers the damage to a minimum. Without a bumper, your car can collapse easily.

Therefore, it is a valuable part of the vehicle. People expect you to pay for that protection.

On top of that, the bumper repair is not as simple as opening the part and attaching it again. Hence, you are paying for the work of fixing the bumper right and making your next ride sage.


How much work is there is the bumper repair?

There is much work in replacing and repairing a bumper. For example,

Airbag sensors

Sometimes the airbag sensors are connected to the bumper of the car. If it is so, the technician has to remove the sensors along with the bumper for repair.

Air intake

These are found rarely in cars. But sometimes, the cold air intake is connected with the bumper. Once again, to remove the bumper, the technician has to open it carefully.

Warning alerts

There are many warning sensors present in a car. It includes weather sensors, collision sensors, parking sensors, etc.

Usually, these are attached to the bumper as well. So, to open the bumper, these sensors need to be removed as well.


The headlights, turning lights are linked to the bumper. At first, the technician has to disconnect the lights to open the bumper for repair.


In a car, various trim parts can connect to the bumper. It is crucial to remove these parts to work on the bumper.


As you can see, the bumper is a necessary part of your vehicle. Its function is to lower the damage from the collision.

If you are looking for a bumper repair, contact the bumper repair in culver city. Be wise while selecting a bumper repair service.

Anything wrong with bumper repair can lower your safety while driving.

Remember, choose the bumper repair with a reputation and performance background


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