PLastic Bumper Repair in Culver CIty 

Bumpers are one of the most common repairs that you will see in an auto body shop. Bumpers have been part of the vehicle framework since around 1901. When you compare vintage and modern cars, you’ll notice that one of the differences is in the bumper.

Vintage cars have shiny metal bumpers made of steel while modern cars will often have plastic bumpers that match with the panels and fenders of the vehicle. The auto manufacturers shifted to making plastic bumpers since 1973.

And let’s dive in to why.

Why Is a Bumper Important?

A bumper acts as a cushion against impact in case you ever get into a collision or auto accident. They are essential in protecting the car and driver. Bumpers have evolved overtime and are constantly being improved because it is an important part of the vehicle.

History of the Bumper

The earliest bumpers that were designed were merely a strip of painted metal.  During the rise automobiles, auto manufacturers started to make flashier bumpers to please consumers. It was meant to be an aesthetic feature of the vehicle. The chrome bumper (pioneered by Chevy) is an example of this.

Because it was made for aesthetics, the placement of the bumper was low and it provided almost no protection in an event of a crash.

After the war, demand for automobiles increased and majority of the cars manufacturers followed suit in adding bumpers to their vehicles. In the 1950s, they became to combine the grille and bumper (front). Buick was the Pioneer of this design.

Then, Pontiac made a bold move and started constructing bumpers out of plastic material. It made it easier to match the bumper with the rest of the vehicle, it was more efficient, and there were improvements in safety.

By 1973, the United States government started to introduce bumper regulations. The US government  found that the bumper feature of the car had the potential to act as a form of protection for the car and driver.

Plastic Bumpers

Because of the regulations, bumpers lost its aesthetic appeal as it appears more bulky and unattractive. But, they were safer. 

Composite lights contributed to the new design of the bumper. It allowed the bumper blend better with the rest of the vehicle and it also created opportunities for new bumper designs.

Meanwhile, regulations kept changing and it is changed into the bumpers now that you see today.

In the recent years, automakers have been constantly trying to improve the design of the bumper. An example of this is the chrome plastic fascia which is as light and flexible as other forms of plastic.

Final words

If you need your plastic bumper repaired, be sure to contact Manuel’s Body Shop for bumper repair in culver city. 

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