Auto Body Shop in Culver City

Manuel’s Body Shop, one of the most popular and reputed auto repair shops in Culver City, California has celebrated its 52nd anniversary in 2022. The family-owned business was established in the year 1970 and takes great pride in offering a wide range of high quality and affordable auto services to the vehicle owners and community in Culver City and surrounding areas.

The business realizes that the vehicle owned by a person is an essential part of his life, helping the user reach their destination quickly and at a low cost, so Manuel’s repair shop serves the community by providing a wide range of car and vehicle related services.

Many people invest a large part of their savings in their vehicles which they purchase and Manuel’s expert repair services have helped them in restoring their vehicles to near perfect condition despite being involved in an accident like a collision.

Why Manuel’s Body Shop is one of the best in Culver City

Affordable Pricing

The estimators at MBS will do their best to examine your vehicle and provide you with the best deal possible. Estimates are free for any type of inquiry and you are certain that you are getting the best quality service.

MBS works with insurance companies through direct repair programs and they’ll have your vehicle looking brand new in no time.

Premium Body Shop Services

Using their extensive experience over the last fifty years, the auto body shop can repair all kinds of cars ranging from luxury and vintage cars to inexpensive cars. Manuel’s auto service ensures that the vehicles of their customers are well maintained and do not break down, helping them use the vehicle for the longest time. So Manuel’s shop offers a wide range of essential auto repair services for the local community ensuring that the vehicles of all their customers are in perfect condition after the periodic maintenance is completed.

In addition, the body shop also offers auto body paint services, auto detailing, plastic bumper repair, paint less dent repair and more. 

Auto Repair Payments Plans

MBS offers in-house options through financing companies like Affirm financing so that customer can repair their vehicles and pay in instalments. The MBS website offers an “online shop” wherein the customer would just need to get an estimate from a technician and apply for financing. Financing ranges from $250 – $8000.

5-star Rating

Customers are always satisfied after getting work done at MBS.  In fact, people spread the word about Manuel’s Body Shop and this is another way that the shop gets more and more customers each year. The employees treat customer like friends and family. In turn, these customer recommend the shop to other people. You can read all the great testimonials on Google, Yelp, and the MBS website.

Constant Innovation

Whether its upgrading the tools in the shop, renovating facilities, or keeping up with the latest digital trends, MBS is always up-to-date.


With that being said, you can always visit Manuel’s Body in Culver City and see for yourself. If you’re thinking on getting some body work done on your vehicle, be sure to drop by for your free estimate.

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