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Painting your car in a body shop brings a lot of satisfaction. Whether you want to change the color or do some minor repairs, this can give your ride a whole new look.

But before you undertake any auto repair, you should choose the best body shop in your city. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the process of painting a vehicle using Cromax paint.

Let’s jump right in.


The painter will gather all the supplies and prepare the workspace to ensure there’s no debris or dust. The amount of paint will depend on the area to be painted.



If your car is not in good shape, the technicians will clear the scratches and pull out the dents. Some may not be visible to the naked eye and require lighting to skim the panels. The hammer dolly method will also dig deep dings and dents.

Generally, a painting job requires a smooth surface. The best auto body shop will use suction cups to pull out the body to its original position.

And before any work can begin, the experts will tell you whether you need to grind all the dents.



After the dents are fixed, there could be some areas that need more fixing. And this is where the body filler comes in. It’s mixed with water to give a creamy mixture.

The painter will use a buffing pad to apply to the problem area.



The filler doesn’t dry automatically – the painter can use a heat lamp and a hairdryer. If there’re a few rough areas, the sandpaper can reduce the bumps.

To ensure there’s balance in all areas, the professional will do some circular and straight strokes to ensure a smooth finish. This is crucial as it guarantees no ridges show after the paint.


The best way to remove the previous paint is by using an electric orbital sander. It helps to remove paint from the large areas, so patience is a must at this stage. Thankfully, a high-speed sander will ensure you work quickly.

The best way to strip the existing paint is by applying the same pressure in all areas. If you want to give your car a new color, the painter must reach the bottom of the metal. The process should take two hours per panel to ensure a smooth finish.

Again, if small spots are left on the old finish, the primer won’t stick to the glossy areas. But even the small areas should not be ignored.



The dust particles should never be allowed to stick with the new paint. This is where the painter uses a wet cloth to clean the body.



The technicians will prep the car to protect all the elements that shouldn’t be painted using adhesive tape or plastic film. Some of the areas to cover are the tires, windows, lights, and trunk.

Then, the painter will use a paint sprayer to apply the paint. The best body shop in Culver City will spread the primer over the entire area – this will speed up the process. But to ensure a perfectly thin coat, the primer ought to be mixed properly.

Another cautionary measure when applying the primer is that the body must be left to dry. It’s also a great way to prepare the panels for touch-ups. After that, the painter will sand the area.

If there are some physical inconsistencies, a block sander is suitable for this task. This is done in a circular motion without applying too much pressure. After two or three coats, the car will be ready for painting.

But there’s a caveat to this – the painter should use 2000-grit sandpaper. Any sandpaper thinner than this can rip the primer off. Keep in mind priming helps to reduce color variations and ensures the water-based paint will have a smooth surface to bond to.



The painter will use Cromax Paint and apply it to the body. A few coats should do the job. A general rule of thumb is to hold the spray gun 6-inches away from the painting area. Experts will use a side-by-side sweeping motion to ensure an even coat.

When using Cromax paint, the manufacturer recommends a drying time of 30 minutes.

Since Cromax is ready to use, there’s no immediate flash-off time immediately. And it’s suitable for complete and spot repairs. Unlike the traditional paints that carry organic compounds, water-based paint is a more environmentally friendly option.

Normally, the curing times should be somewhere between 10-20 minutes.

With Cromax, you have all the colors you want and require a few applications to meet the desired results. Plus, no flash time is needed, which means faster cycle times.



The mixture is better than solvent-based automotive paint


Just like the primer and painting steps, the professional will apply lacquer. Also, this is where the masking tapes are removed on all the areas that were not being painted.

Once the lacquer has cured for the recommended time, there should be an inspection to spot any runs and blemishes. It’s worth mentioning that light sanding is done at this point.

If there’s a rough patch, the painter should consider an additional coat.



Buffing a car will make it look like it came out of the showroom. It removes light scratches and prevents oxidation giving a brighter and glossy finish.

The process starts with washing the car to ensure there’s no dust or dirt. Next, the technician will put a generous amount of pressure and move the tool in a powerful motion.

It can take a couple of minutes before achieving a smooth surface. Of course, this is something that should be done once a year.


Final words

Painting your car with Cromax requires patience and perfectionism. If the body shop misses any of the above steps, the results may not be appealing.

And that’s why you should work with a professional – this ensures the job is done right the first time.

 Whether you want to fix rust spots or blemishes, you need a team you can rely on. A professional will complete the task flawlessly, no matter the model of the car.

If you are looking to paint your auto, be sure to visit Manuel’s Body Shop. We have partnered with Cromax Paint to give you the best paint job you can possibly imagine using our water-based paint.

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