Auto Body Shop in Culver city

Sometimes our cars get damaged and we need to take a trip to an auto body shop for repairs. If we are new to the process, we may often find ourselves wondering : who is the best body shop?

We check our laptops and look on our phone and most likely search on Google “body shop near me.”

Then we check the website, the reviews, and the location of the auto body shop.

These are the types of things we consider because it is in our human nature to look for the best options available.

Here are some other factors to consider when looking for an auto body shop.

Licensed Body Shops

In California, auto body shops should be licensed by the State Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Direct Repair Programs

In some cases you will need to deal with your insurance companies when you get into a car accident. These insurance companies will provide you with collision centers and auto body shops that you can choose from.

Remember, insurance companies can’t require you to choose a body shop under the direct repair program. If you find a body shop not on their list, it is completely fine.

Nonetheless, a good auto body shop should be able to negotiate with your insurance company to get you the best deal possible.

Type of Car

Make sure that the auto body shop can work with your year, make, model. Some auto body shops only service certain cars and it would be a wasted trip if you find out that they won’t be able to fix your vehicle.


Auto Body Shops like Manuel’s Body Shop should provide you with a free estimate for the repairs that you need. Estimates may vary from shop to shop so if you are not satisfied with the cost, you can always shop around to find the best estimate.

Be sure you don’t choose cost over quality as some body shops will provide you with low estimates and then execute low quality work.

Make sure you get a copy of everything in writing

Auto Body Repair Parts

Ask what parts the auto body shop will be using your repairs.

If you’re not familiar with terms like OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer), be sure check out our blog post on the types of auto body parts.


Ask about the warranties on the service the auto body shop provides. For example, if your vehicle gets painted, your paint warranty can last up to five years. This may vary from shop to shop.

Customer Service

Find a body shop that is friendly and willing to work around your budget. If you feel that they don’t provide good customer service, odds are they won’t help you out when you are not satisfied with the work done.

This is where reading the reviews of previous customers will help you gauge whether the body shop is a good fit or not.


Finding the right body shop for your maybe a simple or complicated decision depending on your needs.

If you find yourself in Culver City and your need some body work done, be sure to visit Manuel’s Body Shop.

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