What Is A Direct Repair Program?

DRP or Direct Repair Program is a type of strategic partnership between insurance companies and an auto body shop. If you’ve ever been in any kind of vehicular accident and contact your insurance carrier, they have most likely mentioned this type of program. Auto insurance companies team up with a network of auto body shops and collision centers that meet the guidelines and standards set by the auto insurance company.

In turn, the insurance company will suggest a particular body shop. Standards would include fast repairs at low costs. In most cases ,this often benefits the insurance company but means of cost reduction.

DRP Is Not A Requirement

By law, insurance companies are not allowed to force you to go to a Direct Repair Program. You can actually repair your vehicle at any auto body shop you want.

There are some good points to look at if ever you are referred to a body via DRP. First, estimates are already provided and there is no need for inspections. You can just bring your vehicle directly to the body shop and they will take care of everything. Since insurance provide and repairer are working hand-in-hand, the body shop is paid by the insurance provider. Before an auto body shop can be part of any program, they need to be in line with Industry standards and usually repairs have a guarantee as long as the same person owns the vehicle.

Overall, the main benefit is you don’t need to look for a body shop on your own. If you are looking for convenience, you should opt for direct repair programs.


What To Consider: DRP or Finding My Own Body Shop

Often times, consumers need to do some research when it comes to looking for the right body shop for their collision repairs.

  •  Proximity of location for the consumer for additional convenience.
  • History of body shop and work that has been done in the past.
  • Going back to the body shop that you trust if you’ve already had repairs done prior.
  • Reviews of customer who have already had the shop’s business.
  • Pricing of the estimate and deductible to be paid


Auto Body Shop Not Through DRP

It’s really simple. Let’s say that your insurance company has referred to a nearby body shop, but you’d rather go to Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver City.

1. Contact the body shop that you are confident with and inform them that you need collision repairs done. Usually a towing service is sent and your vehicle will be taken directly to the body shop.

2. Let the insurance company know that you have decided to go with a body shop of your choice. They may provide you other recommended facilities, but you can decline those.

3. After you have explained the vehicle damage your insurance carrier, they will provide you an estimate on how much the repairs will cost. All you need to do is bring the estimate to the repair shop. They will do an inspection on your vehicle and negotiate your insurance claims on your behalf. All you need to do is wait your car to go back to pre-accident condition.


Best Of Both Worlds

Manuel’s Body Shop in Culver Cit has always had DRP and non-DRP customers. Either way, our services and quality of work still remain in line with industry standards.

We’ve been doing this for 50 years!

We offer free estimates on any collision repairs, auto repairs, paint work, and more. Just let us know what you need.

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