Auto Repair in Culver CIty 

Have you ever asked yourself how your car is fixed and repaired after a collision?

Most times we call our insurance companies and they handle everything for you. They either recommend a direct repair program or customers can opt for an auto body shop of their choosing.

Once is estimate is provided by an estimator and is approved by your insurance company, the work begins.

When so much damage has been done to a part of a vehicle, it often needs to be replaced and these auto parts have different variations of replacements. If you have no knowledge of auto parts or auto body work, well continue reading and you’ll be more familiar with the type of parts can be put in your car to make it look new again.

Here we go.


Types of Auto Parts for Damage Repairs

Auto Parts are the main components on making your vehicle function as a whole. That’s a no brainer. With that known, these auto parts should be of the best quality and pass all the safety measures regardless of what type of auto part is being used to replace your damaged vehicle.


Original equipment manufactured parts (OEM)

These are the original manufacture parts for any vehicle model. These parts come with brand new vehicles and are only from manufactures. They are designed directly from the manufacturer and produce the exact specifications that your vehicle needs.

These parts are more stricter when it comes to vehicle requirements.


Aftermarket crash parts

Aftermarket crash parts or collision parts that are non OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). They are cosmetic parts that produced such as sheet metal, bumper components, and other materials that can be used. They may not be the same quality as its original or the same performance.

If you see after market collision parts listed on your estimated, be sure to ask how the quality of the material is and the warranty of the said auto parts.


Like Kind and Quality (LKQ)

They are also known as repaired parts. These parts are from junkyards. Some insurance with lower premiums uses these parts in repairing vehicles.


This would mean that the auto part has been removed from an existing vechicle and repaired/restored so it can be used in another vehicle.


New old stock

It refers to vehicles that were manufactured long ago, but was not able to be bought or used by any consumers.

In turn, the auto parts tend to be useful replacements for other cars.


Used auto parts

Auto parts that come from older vehicles that are still functional. The vehicle parts can serve as a replacement from damage cars as they can still be rendered useful.


Choosing the Right Body Shop For You


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the types of auto parts that can be used to repair your vehicle, you should also take the time to pick a body that is right for you.

As mentioned, you can pick the body shop for your repair and you don’t need to follow what your insurance company recommends.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right body shop:


Reviews and Recommendations

You can shop around and ask friends and family what body shop they recommend. You can also read the reviews of certain body shops so you can see whether they provided good customer service or not



The closer the body shop is to you, the easier the process will be. You should choose a body that is near so that you won’t have difficulty when it comes to repairing your vehicle.

For example, if you live the Culver City area, our shop Manuel’s Body Shop, is the top pick. Try searching for a body shop in Culver City and we’ll pop right up.



Be sure the body shop as all the proper licenses and certification, especially when it comes to the technicians that will be working on your vehicle.



Look for a body shop that has a lot of experience when it comes to auto repairs. If they have more experience, most likely, they has master their craft and will provide you with premium quality work.

Manuel’s Body Shop has been around for 51 years. Can’t beat experience like that.


Warranties and Receipts

Make sure your auto body shop of choice will provide you with all the documents and work done on your vehicle so you can have a copy in case there is a problem in the future.

Warranties are very useful when something unexpected happens.



Finding an affordable body shop is very cost-effective. Sometimes you are paying out-of-pocket and you need save as much money as possible.

Quality and affordability is the best combination. Pick a friendly body shop that is willing to work with your budget.

Final words

Hope you found these tips useful and if you ever need auto repairs in Culver City, be sure to drop by at Manuel’s Body Shop for a free estimate.

Should you need financial assistance, Manuel’s Body Shop offers payment plans through our partner Affirm and Paypal. Learn more here

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